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Postby charlie » Thu May 20, 2004 6:17 am

Another afternoon of glorious sailing.
I was napping on the couch, one find Saturday afternoon. When the phone rang. It awakened me. It was the call I've been waiting for . My buddy Ollie, ringging the Bell , it's 15 to 20 at the Bell. I jumped up put my shoes on, ran out the door, I was all loaded with all the tools I'd need for another great afternoon of sailing.
As I pulled up to the beach I see a kite at the ready for self launching. Ollie was ready to go. So I grab my 14 and a pump for all I am worth Ollies up and away and out on the water. I better hurry if I'm going to play with that puff.
As we pull away from the beach, the wind is strong and steady.
After a few short tacks we end up in the middle of the race with a nice view of windsurfers and some support craft, then we make our way to Squatters Cove, Ollie wants to jump the rocks to kite the Albany bulb. I'll have nothing to do with it.
We played there for a while and headed back out toward the point of Brooks Island. The start of a famous Olympic Circle. I can see other kiters pumping up at the launch now, which seems so far away . Ollie was boosting fat ones all over the place. I thought he was, going to bang one over my head at one point. He seemed 30 feet up in the air, and probably laughing, knowing him.
By now, we had been out for couple hours. The wind seemed like it was dying, we started back to the put in, one kite came off the beach, moving up and down like mad, must be holey at the put it.
We casually played with our kites on a downwind course back to the beach doing s turns and slashing to and fro. What a nice afternoon, can't wait for the next alarm call .

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Postby bdawg » Fri May 21, 2004 7:38 am


I like your stories, keep it up.

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