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[Sacramento] Folsom Lake

Postby davewsail » Fri Sep 14, 2007 9:30 pm

Copied here to keep permanent....

Here is some general info for those who aren't regulars at Folsom Lake. The ikite wind sensor works pretty well for a north wind until it gets into the 20s. If you a see a reading in the 20s it could be anywhere in the 20s or 30s. For a south wind, you'll need to add about 5mph to the reading in general.

Folsom Point - launch here on a north wind day. When you enter the park, stay to the right and follow the road all the way to the dead end. These north wind days are usually warm and sunny (except in the dead of winter) and the wind can nuke.

It will be a little further walk down to the water for sure, but this gives a little extra room for self landing in the wind shadow if necessary. The normal butter water pond is pretty much gone with the low water but... there is now a peninsula sticking out eastward at the water line now. This will make for some great butter water further out in the good wind area without having to worry about dropping your kite in the shadow. I think it will be an excellent spot to take photos and video. One thing, I wouldn't boost huge air or pull a giant kite loop in there as there is another peninsula about 100 yards downwind. There are also some other exposed islands further out that might be fun to explore.

Granite Bay - launch here on a south wind day. This is usually prefrontal wind and can be a bit cloudy, gusty and even rainy. When you enter the park, turn right at the first stop sign and then turn right again at the tee which will take you to the 5% launch. Kiting will be upwind of the boat ramp area. There is lots of exposed beach at this launch. The further you walk form your car, the more open water you'll have. There are likely to be boulders just under the water so be observant.
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Postby K. Cliff » Sat Sep 15, 2007 6:38 am

8) thanks for the info. Except for the cold rain part.... I might have to get Jake a smaller kite though.
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Postby Proparoo » Sat Sep 15, 2007 5:52 pm

Great Photo Kevin... really shows the power of a kite... (and your power over your son)

Yes I (we) hope to see you at Folsom this season (or off season as it were)

The only thing to consider is, by the time you drive here the wind could change / die so choose your days wisely...

Hope you got some this weekend...
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