Ollie how are the yargas holding up???

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Ollie how are the yargas holding up???

Postby dewey » Wed Oct 13, 2004 10:18 am

Hey Ollie,
Can You give an update of how the Yargas are holding up after a season??? Now that you have ridden them what criticism can you give?? Are they still the jumping machines they were new? Do you find them lacking in any specific wind range?? With all the kites out there why do these stand out(other than price)?? Are they grunty?? I noticed early in the season you hade a new one, why?? I will be getting new kites next year and want to make a good decision.

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Postby OliverG » Thu Oct 14, 2004 8:25 pm

Hey Dewey,

All the Yarga's are holding up well and I'm still happy with the kites. The one I've flown the most, by far, this year is the 13.5. It has good low-end pull and the turning is nice. I flown it will both a 45cm and 55cm bar and in higher winds I like the 45cm bar, and of course in lighter winds the 55cm bar provides more leverage. The 9 and 11 I've flown mostly at Sherman and at Alameda on some of those killer nuking days. I have a 7, but only recently got it; hopefully I'll have use for it on some trips and during the winter storms here.

The kites still fly and jump well and I haven't noticed any degradation of the kites performance after a season of hard use. I've enojyed huge air on the 9, 11 and 13.5. The kites relaunch very quickly with minimal effort. I'll probably replace the 13.5 for the coming season when new designs come out, but my "bookend" kites, the 7,9,11 and 16 haven't had nearly as much use, so I'll likely keep them.

Earlier in the year I had a Yarga 16.5, but after about a month and a few rides opted for the Nemesis 16 as I felt I wanted a faster turning, high aspect kite for my biggest kite. The Nemesis 16 is indeed an altogether different kite. It has great pull and more hangtime. I'll probably be adding a Nemesis 12 or 14 to my quiver at some point.

I did replace the 13.5 early in the season as the kite had suffered leading edge and bladder damage from the rocks at Marina Bay when the bar I had at the time, an early Best bar had a loose safety pin elatic band that had inadvertantly activated the safety on a couple of occasions. Best customer service worked with me on that issue to get the kite replaced, so I have to say their customer service is good.

All in all, I've been happy with the kites and am looking forward to new designs. Some time ago, they acquired EH Kiteboarding in Cabarete, the designers of their current kites, so that ensures new designs are in the works.

Hope this helps,
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