Looking for beginner/intermediate kiters for group lessons

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Looking for beginner/intermediate kiters for group lessons

Postby pirategirl » Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:22 am

Hello, I was looking for a few beginner/intermediate kiteboarders that might want to go in on a group lesson, it's looking like it would be around $40 to $50 per person per hour and I was thinking about a 2 hour lesson. I am talking to a few different instructors that will give a good discount for 3 or 4 people in a group setting.

I have been up about 6 different times, taken 3 different lessons and have some gear. I am up and riding (albeit a bit clumsy). Ideally you would be about the same level so we can focus on some intermediate theory together - like riding upwind and self rescue.

Please email me back here or at: oneearlear@yahoo.com


- Celeste
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Re: Looking for beginner/intermediate kiters for group lessons

Postby Greg » Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:41 pm

You sound like a smart gal..
I have been thinking about getting my IKO cert to do just what your looking for.. namely follow-up lessons.. I've been kiting for about ten years now and think I'd enjoy doing some more advanced lessons off of my jet-ski... Thing is, I dont really want to do conventional lessons- my goal would be to teach kiters to be independent.. To be able to actually do ALL the stuff they should learn in a lesson but rarely get to... things like: body dragging (UP WIND), self-rescue (for REAL), kite (UP WIND), jumping (for REAL: using the board and kite combined), flowing transitions as well as freestyle-jump transitions.. Unfortunitly non of this will be cheap because they are time consuming for many to learn- but some do learn MUCH faster then others...
Call me- lets talk.. (510) 882-9389
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Re: Looking for beginner/intermediate kiters for group lessons

Postby curower » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:18 am

Hey Celeste,

I am about the same level as you from the sound of it and would definitely be interested in a follow up lesson to help progress. LMG - definitely interested as well. Let me know if you get something together (james.mccrindle@gmail.com).

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