New Kiter looking for learning mate

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New Kiter looking for learning mate

Postby AdrenilinePlz » Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:50 pm

Took my lessons and have my gear, just looking for someone to go kiting with and/or show me some the deeper ropes of the sport.

P.s Anyone know where i can go to check winds at Alameda and what a good wind range is for a 12M.

Much appreciated in advance.

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Re: New Kiter looking for learning mate

Postby Slaxer » Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:02 pm

Kite Wind Surf has a live weather station (the cam has been down for a while). Here's the link for them:

Also, iKite has a few free wind charts in the Alameda area. One is at the Oakland airport and the other is at the Alameda Ports. Here are those links respectively: ... siteID=338 ... siteID=337

For wind forecasts, I've found windguru to be pretty good.

As for a good wind range for a 12m, it really depends on a number of things (your skill, weight, etc.) but I would say 15-20 mph would be ideal.

Hope this helps.
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Re: New Kiter looking for learning mate

Postby Dirtydbz » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:51 pm

I took my lessons last year but just recently got my setup but supposedly if your going to alameda the people there are really friendly ( so if you need help launching or landing) if there is suitable wind people will be there. I too need a kiting buddy but it sounds like you are looking for someone with experience.
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