Taken: Kiteboard Bar from Helm of Sun Valley

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Taken: Kiteboard Bar from Helm of Sun Valley

Postby bajabill13 » Wed Jul 18, 2007 1:50 pm

My kiteboarding bar was taken from Helm of Sun Valley property sometime between July 13 -17. It was attached to my pink and black 9.0 m Waroo, which had been rescued by John at Helm and was outside drying. The bar is CUSTOM and easily identifiable. I have photos of a similar type bar to help identify the components. If you have seen it or know of its whereabouts please contact me. If you took it, please return it to John at Helm, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It was not a discarded bar although it might have looked like one.

The bar is a medium length NAISH. It has a red in the handle on the left and blue on the right. The chicken-loop assembly is Slingshot Camcleat Racing. There is a unique adjustable stopper between the bar and the pulley assembly which looks like a rubber cork-like piece with two holes drilled through it and a stub at the end of the stopper that faces the rider between the holes. There is a small pulley assembly attaching the power/depower line to the front line attachment point. The back lines were red and blue; the front lines yellow. The lines are around 23-25 meters long. At the end of the bar are elastic loops to pull down over the lines when the bar is wrapped up. The floatation devices over the back lines were blue and home made. They look kluged.

A photo of a comparable bar is attached. In the photo the bar is a Slingshot, not a Naish, short and different color. The chicken-loop assembly, stopper, floatation devices and pulley are identical. My pulley was attached to a different front line attachment assembly than in the photo: mine did not rotate; and my bar did not have a 2-1 pulley system on the back lines: it is straight 1-1.

Again, please help me recover this or return it if you took it.

Bill Sullivan
Photo of bar with similar components (see text)
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