Cabrinha skillet surfboard retrieved at third Saturday 9/7

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Cabrinha skillet surfboard retrieved at third Saturday 9/7

Postby manplesvanuatu » Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:20 pm

Hi all,

We got lucky and got some late wind at 3rd today. I was riding strapless in the middle of the channel with light wind..and saw your Cabrinha skillet. No name on it.. I think you were the one that came ashore earlier without a board. I brought it back to the lower launch at low tide and threw it on the mud.. Yelled at someone so I hope they brought it in for you. I couldn't bring back to the lower launch cause I am not skillful yet on strapless (only ride once or twice a year:) and the wind was still light. I hope you found it yourself or that someone went out and brought it back for you. I actual came back later and didn't see it so I guess some one did take it.

Good luck.

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