Lost at Sherman: T-9 Carbon Fiber Skimboard Camoflauged

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Lost at Sherman: T-9 Carbon Fiber Skimboard Camoflauged

Postby RideTheWind » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:38 am

Lost at Sherman $100 Reward: T-9 Carbon Fiber Skimboard, Camoflauge Color

cam·ou·flage   [kam-uh-flahzh]
1. concealment by some means that alters or obscures the appearance

Lost on Sunday, August 22 between the first island and Sherman Island, toward the south side of Ho Chi Min. The board is black on the bottom with green, brown and black camouflage on the top side. We think it is hidden in the reeds.

t-9_small.png (225.82 KiB) Viewed 932 times

It has a T-9 (T minus 9) logo on the waterside near the top. This is Bernie's brand -- it's a great board. We had a search mission throughout the reeds all around but could not find it. It's definitely stealth. Where is it hiding? Humm.

He let me try it out and the winds of chance had it get away from me and after getting pulled down wind, could not make it back and then lost it. For the next board which Bernie and his brother make, they're thinking bright orange camouflage pattern (and maybe a florescent siding) -- helpful for intermediate kiteboarders like me.

We hope that it shows up either from the tides pulling it out or exposing it. Hopefully it is not lost.

If you find it, please bring to camp host or call Andrew at 415-235-3482 to claim your $100 reward. Thanks!
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