Barracuda beach

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Barracuda beach

Postby gnukid » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:25 pm

Good weather in Barriles this week. Rode the section from the pyramids past the north beach arroyo to Barracuda beach, riding my 6' tri-fin surfboard, the shore-break was awesome. Outside the swell hit 15' or bigger which made lots waves to ride all the way to the shore. The tide is critical here with so much rock exposed after hurricane Rick, a high tide provides many more waves to ride safely, today high tide was 11am-12pm or so it seems making a downwind run close to shore possible. If you smash the lip into the beach sand its more fun than sliding over rocks which has been pretty common the last few weeks.

I ride a 9m kite with directional tri fin strapless and Chip is riding 9m and a 5'10" with foot belts which seem to work in most conditions, today it hit up to 28knots or maybe 30 for a while but generally the wind was 22-25knots. Lots of beaches to visit that are a bit onshore but great to pass by riding the break, until you crash.

Marcella kicked it in to ride on the 9m in 22knots, "I dialed it and kicked it down", she said cutting back upwind.

I hear some people are arriving tomorrow so we're stoked to get to ride together, no pressure or something, I'm not going to put pressure to you do something, especially you don't want to do, but if you want to ride free style surf then do it, and for to make, what great style. It's going off now and there's lots of beaches. See you at the beach.
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