Crissy field and the Coast Guard Show

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Crissy field and the Coast Guard Show

Postby Tony Soprano » Fri May 30, 2008 12:29 pm

A film crew is working out of Coast Guard Station Golden Gate is shooting a pilot for a live action rescue show. They have been riding on the rescue boats and have captured a couple of kitesurfer rescues near Crissy Field and the Golden Gate. If any on you kitesurfers or windsurfers get rescued, they may ask you to sign a release to allow the use of all of the footage they shoot. Signing this release not only helps the show, but it is a great way to say thank you to the men and women of Station Golden Gate. When I was rescued, I wanted to bring them a case of beer but it is against regulations (although I hear baked goods are accepted). Signing off on the release is a cheap and easy way to let them get a little more credit for the hard work they do both from Coast Guard leadership and the public.

The Coast Guard always has to fight for resources in a federal budgeting process and anything that lets the people know that they are out there doing good work helps. The Katrina effect helped, but people and representatives want to know, “what have you done for me lately”. Most people don’t know that the Coast Guard just retired their last World War II era cutters during the last couple of years. The Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa that braved sustained 65 knot winds and 40 foot seas to save an air national guard crew and sailors during the “Perfect Storm” was launched in 1943.

As usual, plan ahead to make sure that the need for rescue by the Coast Guard is a remote possibility… but if they pick you, please give them the credit they deserve.

Also, all of you Crissy sailors should consider carrying a radio and a strobe light. You can be the most talented sailor in the world, but if you break a critical piece of equipment of the ebb tide, you will be heading out toward the Pacific. Since we usually sail in the afternoon, a situation that snow balls can leave you in the water after dark. With a strobe ( I like the Firefly3 for size and durability) the odds of you being found in clear conditions are very good. Without a light source, the odds of being found odds very low.

Peter Thorner
San Francisco Boardsailing Association
Tony Soprano
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Postby average_male » Fri May 30, 2008 1:05 pm

Hi Peter,

You know, we as a kiting and windsurfing community should have a Coast Gaurd appreciation day to thank all the men and women that are out there making the bay a safer place to sail; or is there something like this already in place?
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