Tulum Mexico Travel Report!

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Tulum Mexico Travel Report!

Postby Kite Adventures » Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:30 am

I visited Tulum in February and was completely in awe by the beauty of this remote location on the Yucatan coast of Mexico. The beach is long and perfect for beginners and advanced kiters alike. I had taken an hour van from Playa Del Carmen in hopes of finding some wind on my ìrelaxingî vacation. I urged my friend Jon to join me and take a kite lesson in this remote place I had only read glowing reviews about.


As I walked down the beach, I saw the flags blowing which was a great sign that wind and kiting were awaiting. I met up with Marco Cristofanelli from Extreme Control who has a really awesome operation in Tulum. He had about 6 instructors all hands filled with newbies who looked like they were having a blast.


Tulum is a long beach with a designated area for kiteboarders, which means easy launch and land away from the beach goers. The water was a beautiful blue and very warm; true to the Caribbean feel.

Marco took my friend Jon for the day and I couldnít believe how amazing he had picked up the sport. Marco did a great job at explaining everything to him, I couldnít believe the knowledge in just one session. Jon completely understood the wind mechanics, the set up of the kite and was telling me things that I never learned in my first lesson. He never once dropped the trainer so moving into the water was the next logical step. He completely rocked it! Marco also handpicked some of the nicest and professional instructors I have met. I spent the day kiting and getting to know this awesome place, from there we visited the Mayan ruins which were only a mile down the beach. Thereís a ton to do in this little remote slice of heaven. Scuba diving, snorking , visiting the ruins and taking day trips around the area are just to name a few.


If you are looking for a beautiful place to kite and relax, Iíd highly recommend Tulum. Marcoís team can help you with kite lessons, hotel and other activities. The best months for kiting is from December ñ July (14 ñ 22 knots), with the middle months being the strongest.

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Postby EvanOR » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:23 pm

I agree! Tulum is a killer spot, and Marco is a great guy. I was there two weeks ago. Check out the NEWS section of http://www.oceanrodeo.com if you want to see a few more photos. Tulum is a great spot if you want more than just good kiting, and/or you have a non kiting " significant other " or family along.
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Postby eaddic » Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:08 pm

Just back from 2nd Tulum trip. Amazing beaches, great wind. Marco gave me my first lessons 2 years ago, so it was fun to come back and ride with him. Big wind and just 2 - 3 kites in the water for 3 days. Stayed in Akumal. I highly recommend Tulum, Akumal, and Cozumel...great beaches, diving, safe area....the kiteboarding is the icing on the cake. Marco's website is http://extremecontrol.net/.

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