San Carlos, Baja

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San Carlos, Baja

Postby loserdavies » Mon Sep 11, 2006 3:17 pm

Just got back from a short trip to Baja. I used to surf down there all the time but never kited. We decided on Punta San Carlos, Known as a windsurfing destination and incredible waves. We left 9/5/06 once we knew Hurricane John would not affect us. From the bay area you can make the trip in about 16 hours of non stop driving. The last 2 hours are very rough. Once there we set up camp on the cliff over looking Bombbora. A right point break that you can kite across the whole bay. We arrived about 4pm with 15 mph winds, unpacked the kites and went to work. Words of caution here. San Carlos breaks a lot of the rules of kiting. Very little beach so the kiter climbs down the cliff with bars and lines while another holds the kite on the cliff then launches the kite to off shore winds and beautiful waves. Everyday the swell got bigger. It started chest high and finished the trip several feet overhead. Every morning we surfed a spot called Chili Bowl. A right break with long rides into another bay. Then everyday in the afternoon we kited until after sunset. You can also Kite Chili Bowl as the waves just peel off the point all day long. I wore a full suit surfing and a shorty when kiting. This is extreme camping, you need to bring everything including water. There is a fish camp that you can get fish. Since it was a full moon we actually picked our own muscles, Clams and Octopus. The last day with the largest waves was the best Kiting day. We were in the water by 10am. Everyone on 7m-10m kites all day. We were lucky as there were only a few other campers so 7 people all friends rode waves until we had to carry each other up the cliff. This place is very isolated so if you camp you will have to bring everything. Solosports runs a windsurfing camp down there that you can pay for however if you kite you must bring your own gear. The nights can be cold if the wind is blowing but I don't think you'll find a better spot for kiting waves.
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