Florida in January?

Want to plan a kiting trip? Just got back from one? Post you experiences, questions and information here.

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Postby OliverG » Thu Oct 27, 2005 8:14 pm

Leo, good job! You're guaranteed to have fun and plenty of time on the water.
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Postby j fox » Wed Nov 02, 2005 11:49 am

CR is a great time. Jeff and Emily have a fantastic set up down there and have the place wired after being down last year. They are charming hosts and really take care of their guests. Cheap, super fun, beautiful, windier than you need sometimes, and an overall excellent trip. I would recommend it to anyone. There is also some really cool stuff to see besides kiting.

As with all kiting trips, remember, you can get skunked for whatever reason. I've taken about six week long trips in the last 3 years to kite and I've been completely skunked at supposedly amazingly reliable locations like Puerto Rico's southwest in January and February. In fact, Ollie (bayareakite) himself kept me smiling through a couple of those unexpected unsailable days on a trip last year. Thanks again, my friend. Set yourself mentally for the potential of not riding much at all, then if you do, you'll be psyched. We're pretty spoiled here in the bay area for 6 months out of the year and when you read the hype all day dreaming of wind in the winter, you forget just how good we really have it in the summer here. Then you go somewhere expecting it to be as good as your home spots, and realize that sure, it's really nice, but damn, we got it pretty good at home too. Realistic expectations is what I'm getting at, and take and garauntee's with a grain of salt.

I just got back from 12 days in Guadelupe, in the French Carribean in early september for my honeymoon. September is the least windy month of the year there, and as such, there were no kitable days. Jan-March is windiest. The island is amazingly beautiful, however, and has an unreal amount of kiting spots for both wave sailing and flat water. I'd love to hit that place with a team dedicated to going wavesailing on some of the North Eastern beaches there. They are completely deserted, windfarms all over the place tell you there is going to be wind, and the surf and water are spectacular. 80 degree, crystal clear pool like tropical water. I've travelled a lot in the carribean and this place has the natural beauty that rivals anything in the world, plus perfect Atlantic exposure for waves on a gigantic volcanic northwest to southeast running coastiline. It pumps waves. If you got wind and were ready to get adventurous, there is no limit to the potential for untouched wavesailing on this island. I would go back with a team of motivated people to surf and kite in a heartbeat, just for the chance to surf or kite the deserted Grande Anse beach on the north side.
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