GO fly a kite- (the movie)

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GO fly a kite- (the movie)

Postby Greg » Thu May 12, 2011 5:51 am

I've been pondering making a movie about KITEBOARDING, not just another movie filled with the latest and greatest riders doing their stuff or another learning tutorial, or a REMAKE of JackASS "the kiter" but a COMBINATION of EVERYTHING KITING-

As I've watched the MEDIA drive US in almost every direction THEY CHOOSE, I've thought wouldn't be NICE to see kiting for what it REALLY IS!
I've watched NUMEROUS local filmmakers POP-UP over the years and I got to thinking... Also many of you know I've been TRYING to DIRECT KITING on my own since I began, Sorry if thats caused some of you a little grief but KNOW my INTENTIONS were PURE and LOVING, though sometimes I got A LITTLE TWISTED-

I AM a PRETTY REAL and SIMPLE GUY with a LOVE AFFARE with this SPORT and it's LIFESTYLE and the DIVERSE Peoples that make Kiting so INTERESTING!!!

So here is what I'd like to see COME TOGETHER:
Local ARTISTS based in MULTI-MEDIA contribute SHORT FILM's to help PROJECT KITING for WHAT IT REALLY IS, a diverse and exciting sport filled with challenges, heartaches, unknown costs, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and LOTS of REALLY COOL PEOPLE looking for a way to HAVE A BLAST in the MODERN WORLD!

Mostly I want this film to show kiting AS IT IS , how it got that way and maybe attempt to explain THE BIGGER PICTURE beyound the SOUND BITES and SUPER-HERO'S and JOKERS that WE SEE everyday in the MEDIA MACHINE that SURROUNDS ad DRIVES THIS SPORT in so many different directions...
I know this sounds like TONS OF WORK, and it WILL BE if it's DONE RIGHT but wouldn't it be AWESOME to SEE WHAT WE LOVE, or are simply INTERESTED IN shown for what it really is.....?

Why should we stand by and get labeled-
Why should WE let a few people DIRECT OUR LIVES-
Why should we watch OUR SPORT develope into something OUT OF CONTROL-
How COOL would it be to PLAY A PART in the FUTURE OF OUR SPORT-

This movie would be a COMMUNITY EFFORT,perhaps with outside funding but mostly DONER BASED-


Much love,
Gregory Burton Boyington aka- LoudMouthGreg
(flying kites since 1969)
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Re: GO fly a kite- (the movie)

Postby RPskater » Thu May 12, 2011 2:16 pm

That sounds like a great project! I have always wanted to see a Warren Miller style movie about kiteboarding in the Bay Area. Every spot has a different feel, a different set of locals and even a different riding style at some places. You could make this a classic movie that everyone would like to buy because they are either in it, they know someone that is in it, or they have ridden a number of spots covered. It would be a must for anyone checking out the Bay Area kite scene. There are probably 20 different spots and probably some good footage already available at some of these spots.
Go for it! What better person to do this project than you. :clap:
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Re: GO fly a kite- (the movie)

Postby Greg » Thu May 12, 2011 3:45 pm

Thanks for the props Bra but this WILL NOT and CAN NOT be a ME project, it's US or NOTHING-
I'm looking to collaborate the skills of our community not spend a thousand hours working alone- We have the talent thats FO SHO!

But Thanks AGAIN for your imput, your ideas are basicly what I'm thinking about- Cool, old school film like Miller is know for... something watchable and REAL, not more propaganda-

Love Ya-
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