Hang your wetsuit from the waist

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Hang your wetsuit from the waist

Postby glide » Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:14 pm

Check out the HangPro SlideHanger. http://www.thehangpro.com

The SlideHanger is an open- ended, wetsuit hanger, designed to slide into position at the waist of the wetsuit. The wetsuit is draped over a circular I-beam bar. Hanging the wetsuit over the circular I-beam bar from the waist eliminates shoulder wear and fatigue and significantly reduces overall wetsuit fabric stress. You can buy it online, at your local surf shop or at Rip Curl, O'Neil and Patagonia retail stores. It's also used to hang vests, Scuba Buoyancy compensators, dry suits, snowboard pants, tactical vests etc. (your expencive table cloth?) It's injection molded out of solid, Recycled ABS plastic. IT'S STRONG!! Made in San Diego, Ca USA

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