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For Christmas: HELP abandoned/abused puppies in Baja!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:09 pm
by GracieMarie
Merry Christmas Everybody!

I'm making a shameless pitch for help with dogs/puppies/feline friends here in Mexico.

I know that many of you will find this request inappropriate, given that there are masses of domestic animals in North America that need care and homes. Fair enough.

The difference is that there are zero state-supplied services for animal control/animal welfare in Baja California. Everything is done by broken-hearted folk that have witnessed the unbelievable cruelty and suffering of Man's Best Friends. It would make the stoutest of you burst out weeping, if you saw half of what we see here on a regular basis. Dogs that have been tied up to starve to death and other horrifying stuff. If we don't do anything to help here, it simply doesn't get done.

We all get to pick where our charity goes, so I am asking you all to please consider helping the innocent canines and felines of Baja California. In any way you can. Consider adopting a puppy/dog if you're coming to La Ventana for the La Ventana Crossing in January, and if you can't adopt, keep your ears open anyone looking to provide a good home for one of these foundlings.

There is a fairly new animal shelter is La Paz; it is volunteer originated and operated, not a state or county funded organization like in the US and Canada. It can be found here:

Sophie Guarasci, a LV kiter/ripista, is a driving force behind the shelter in La Paz. She can be found most windy days kiting in front of Baja Joe's or apres-kite at Cuppa Joe, the espresso store in the back of Baja Joe's gear shop. Non windy days she can be found at the shelter or out administering medicine/food to dogs or rescuing/placing animals.

Angie and Joe Cheek (of Baja Joe's) started Baja PAWS, now known as La Ventana PAWS.

LV PAWS will pay for local animals to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and help with teaching novice animal owners how to train and care for their beloved pets. We can also help, if needed, with transportation costs when you adopt a dog to take back to where you live. LV PAWS can be located thru the link at

LV PAWS has a few dedicated volunteers (Angie does all the work, believe me), and can always use more volunteers. If you don't have time, donations are always welcome: LV PAWS relies solely on contributions from kind animal lovers. The volunteers themselves often pay for kennels, medical care, food, etc.

Additionally, there is a perpetual wish list for both LV PAWS and Baja Dogs of La Paz: temporary/foster homes, collars, leashes, toys, pet beds, airline approved kennels, Frontline/Promeris/other flea, tick, and parasite medications, etc. See either the LV PAWS or the website for their respective Wishlists or if you want to make PayPal donations.

Please check out the Adoption section of

I have three rescued dogs. They are the smartest, most loving, most grateful dogs I've ever had. The Baja rescues are the smartest dogs EVER, probably from having to struggle through the burly genepool of Baja California Sur. These animals have a supernatural ability to love their humans, and they also have an extraordinary sense of humor.

One of my dogs has been known to meet visiting friends at the gate, and lead them with great enthusiasm to.....the refrigerator, source of all things cheesy. The Holy Land for dogs.

Again, please spread the word. There's no Animal Control or Humane League in Baja. The little furry ones are on their own, and are often lost and suffering terribly without our help.

Happy Holidays, GM

Re: For Christmas: HELP abandoned/abused puppies in Baja!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:43 am
by Greg
Awe, Baby Doll your such a SWEET HEART!!

A more worthy cause to the canine world is hard to find. My experance with the Baja pups is they are very loving and friendly, they love to play and frollic with each other and seem to have REAL loyality!!! Prehaps this is because they've come from the school of hard knocks but the result is a very good natured dog. Our Mexican pup, Gracy-Marie is very friendly and sweet but still protective of her master, basicly an all around perfect dog. She is really lovely to look at too, tall and sleek with her mixture of Sharpe and Wamerimer (we guess). THe bottom line is she is very smart and a wonderfull friend..

So- if you have something to give- please DO, if you can TAKE, even BETTER YET!!!

The folks that run the local shelter are always hard pressed for the need is SO GREAT, if you can find it possable to help this cause- IT'S FOR REAL!!! THe money goes STRAIGHT to the dogs, there is NO WASTING of a single penny!


Re: For NEW YEARS: HELP abandoned/abused puppies in Baja!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:04 pm
by GracieMarie
" Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies. ----- Gene Hill"

It only takes a tiny bit of support from us....