Menlo Park Dumbarton Bridge

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Menlo Park Dumbarton Bridge

Postby RPskater » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:49 am

Having kited this spot 8 or 9 times, this is definitely a kitable spot. Needs to be a strong wind day when the Palo Alto wind meters are hitting at least 20mph and the 3rd Ave channel is mid 20's. To get to the waters edge requires a bike ride or a good 20 minute walk. Once you are out at the point (just before the rock jetty) you have to deal with a narrow launch area. Self launches have always been a little sketchy and self landings even more. Go with a buddy! The tides are very important here. Do not go out when the bay tides are coming in because it will be extremely difficult to stay up wind even on a windy day. This is because of how narrow the bay is at this location. So narrow that you can cross over to the Fremont/Newark side in 10 minutes. The launch is perfect side shore. Hazards would be that there is a bridge and power lines down wind (1/2 mile?). The power lines MAY be higher than your kite (at 12 o'clock) but get lower as you near shore. There is about 100 yards length of non-rocky area to launch from. Once you are out in the water you begin to forget the issues of the launch and will be kiting in a wide open area without any crowds. Lastly, do not kite the pond side of the trail because it is a wildlife reserve and you will get in trouble if caught. Technically, there is no flying kites on the trail as well, so keep your kite low and on the bay side of the trail.
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