Thermalito Afterbay, Oroville

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Thermalito Afterbay, Oroville

Postby windstoked » Wed May 15, 2013 7:11 am

The afterbay was built to warm the cold water released from the depths of Lake Oroville before flowing onto croplands. A great place for kiting in fall, winter and spring in north or south winds.
It's great for learning, with shallow bays, walkable shorelines, and light waves.
Strong winds are common in the Sacramento Valley, especially in the spring, but there are few decent kitable bodies of water. The afterbay is the most reliable.
Launch for north winds is accessed by turning north on gravel road at east end of Hwy 162 bridge.
For south winds, can launch along south side of 162 just east of bridge; also at the Larkin Rd boat launch at southeast corner of lake or off Hwy 99 at far norhwest corner.
The "Lake Oroville" wind sensor on ikitesurf is actually at the Oroville airport 3 miles east and is accurate for south winds, but usually reads 5-10 mph slower in north winds.
The water is cold, especially at the north end where it comes from deep water from Lake Oroville.
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