Trainer Kite Clinic @ 3rd Ave

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Trainer Kite Clinic @ 3rd Ave

Postby Captain John » Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:50 pm


Come join in an introductory 2 hr lesson to Kiteboarding from the instructor crew at Helm of Sun Valley. More people than ever are learning how and this is the best way to start! The purpose of the course is to teach the basics of kiteboarding to anyone interested in seeing what all the hype is all about. People of all ages are welcome to come check it out. Taking this course will prepare you for the ìreal thingî by installing good habits and proper technique. In this course, you will learn:

--How to fly a trainer kite, the first step before flying a full-size kite. Much of your progress depends on your ability to fly a two-line kite. A trainer kite is recommended by instructors everywhere as a safe and fun way to begin. Mastering the trainer kite will speed your progression towards getting in the water with a board and full size kite. Skills learned are: wind-window theory, self-launch, one-hand flying, powerstrokes, kite and flyer orientation, upwind bodydrag mechanics.

--How to maneuver 3rd Ave as a kiteboarder. Being dependent on the wind, you must understand how you are able to move across the water. Come learn how to navigate the waters at 3rd Ave to prepare yourself for when you get in the water. Understand the lay of the land, wind direction and wind speed, launching and landing procedures and more.

*Lessons are 2 hr, from 5ñ7pm every Friday beginning Aug 10th.
*Cost is $20 and you need to call to reserve a space.

Gear is provided. Perhaps bring a hat, sunglasses and water.

Helm of Sun Valley
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