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Postby windhorny » Wed Mar 08, 2006 7:39 pm

I can't write much now. I have never really been into Naish kites as they are too expensive. I would say I am a Slinghot guy if I had to pick one company. I have only flown 1 other Naish kite but the I can say that the Shockwave is the most solid of the bows i have flown yet. And damn it, i just sold my xbow to by a turbo diesel. I would say the Xbow had better performance and was a tighter kite than the td but the shockwave is so stable, solid, predictable. It seemed to turn a hair slower, not really worth mentioning. The bar pressure is a bit high, identical to the xbow. It was a 12 by the way. The kite didnt luff unless I was sheeted out a lot. The bar was ok, i dont like when they try to get all ergonomic with it-ROUND! And there you have it. The TD is nice but seems to have some kind of chocking characteristic. Its not obvious what is going on but i have been hearing a few people mention similar things. Gotta go, more later.
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