Epic Day @ Hope Valley

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Epic Day @ Hope Valley

Postby Yoda » Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:04 pm

On Tuesday I had an epic session for an hour plus at a sweet spot (good snow coverage and wide open, + no snomobilers) just past the W Fork of the Carson River. Winds were 15-20 with gusts at 25+ which made riding interesting at times, but for the most part it was steady. Add an awesome spring-like day and great snow - I felt spoiled. I was flying the Ozone Access 10m. Good riding, but I was surprised I had all the goods to myself with it being such a perfect day. I later wondered if I being single probably had something to do with it - Valentine's Day. After over an hour of riding the winds picked up and starting gusting which made being on a 10m sketchy! I called it a day, but I had a huge grin for the rest of the afternoon and night. Can't wait to get out again... maybe this weekend. www.ozonesnowkites.com
P.S. A new snowkite specific website is up and running. This site is being supported by many of the snowkite manufactures and should eventulally be the primary site for all your snowkite information. There is also a forum which will be a good resource to communicate to key people and companies. Check out and registure at www.snowkiting.com
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