07 North Bar Fix.

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07 North Bar Fix.

Postby windhorny » Sun Sep 30, 2007 5:25 pm

So far I am on my 3rd smaller chicken loop line. The one that is really only there to keep the stopper in place. After seeing the 08 bar i can see that there was in deed a small issue with the way the 07 is setup. The problem strts by having the 2 lines individually tied at the bottom and top. What happens is the lines either stretch at different rates a little or mainly when they are assembled, the smaller second line has a loop that is easy to set but the main line has a knot that will slowly cinch down over time. What this does is slack the main line putting more tension on the 2nd smaller line, making it much more prone to snapping. And for anyone who has replaced these , they know what a biotch it is to weave all the lines in and out of the cleat block.

So with that said. the answer is what North has cleverly done for 08, which is to get rid of 2 seperate lines and make one continuous line that goes around the pin in the iron heart. this will always disperse the load evenly on both lines. Also makes it easy as hell to replace and adjust. So if you have an 07 bar that you are about to replace the main lines on here is what i did. And I took pics incase anyone wants an instruction manual.

Go to west marine and buy 6' of 8mm alsteel flightline, the exact same stuff they use oem.

Measure where everything is before detaching anything. I measured from the top of the bar to the bottom of the block as 19". Detach everything.

Then get a 5/16" drill bit and drill out the smaller hole in the stopper.

melt the ends of the line and make them tapered in as much as possible. This line melts easily but doesnt like to stick to itself that well. Run the line through the iron heart with th tool north provides, the same pin that you previously attched both lines to. Pull the 2 lines to equal lengths and stick them through the bar. Then slide the lines through the stopper.

Take one of the lines and feed it through the upper end of where that black adjuster block was. You are basically running the line normally as it is stock but only 1 line. Go through the cleat and up and out, through the line gatherer, through the pulley back through the line gatherer, down through the block, under the bungee and then through the pull handle. this is where you will ultimately make the adjustment so dont tie any knots yet.

For the other line, again, go in through the bottom where it did stock, back through the cleat and out past the cleat, where the bungee knots are inside. This is where originally the lines would have fed through the black adjuster and cramed into the cleats on the back of the block. Just tie a regular knot and jam it in to the hole. i suppose you could p0ut the line through that black platic block, but then the upper line would rub against it when under tension.

thats it. Its much easier than this made it sound. Now you just go to the store and buy the line, you have twice the strength, easy to replace, and much quicker.

Hope that helps. Or you could just go buy an 08 north and get a new bar.
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