Lots of wind today!

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Lots of wind today!

Postby D » Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:35 pm

It's been picking up all day ... no problem getting out at Pt. Emery, it's straight offshore and blowing hard!
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Postby need wind » Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:03 pm

How is Alameda on N or NE winds??
need wind

wrong direction

Postby do not due it » Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:34 pm

How are you going to get back with offshore wind if something happens, it even is printed on some kites, not to kite in offshore wind conditions.
do not due it

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:42 pm

Crissy field is probably a good choice today, usually side/onshore in NE winds.

Postby crissy » Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:57 pm

crissy, side shore, but a 5 knot ebb....

Postby charlie » Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:45 pm

you guys feel the wind...?
gos from 0 to 30 avg 15
or there is huge guest inbeded in the wind like 24 knots more then you think!
not good stuff,also shuts down quick!
and as the wind comes off the east bay hills it bounces
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Postby OliverG » Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:16 pm

Straight North winds can be a viable option for fun and safe kiting at a few locations around the Bay, but I, and I assume most others, would generally recommend against kiting in East, or North East winds. As Charlie said, even if the readings might show an avg. of 15 or so with a range of 0-30, the meters may not pickup gusts up to or even over 40. Not to mention that the winds will take you out offshore.

It reminds me of last year. A few of us showed up at Alameda on a whim in strong NE and NNE winds. 3 of us didn't gear up, two did. When I arrived the kite of one of the persons who had geared up was already about 2 miles out all by itself, the guy had to bail on the beach and his safety failed. Not long later, another guy launched and I was giving him a hold-down. He was getting lofted and levitating about 4 feet of the ground. After the gust, he made his way out to the beach, but as soon as the next gust hit had to pull his safety.

I was working today in Berkeley near College and Ashby and around midday or not long after lunch some massive gusts came through that had to be at least 40, possibly more. Leaves and crap flying everywhere through the air and on the street. I even ducked under a covered porch for a few seconds to make sure the trees around weren't going to let loose!
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Postby Pablito » Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:56 pm

I put up a 2M trainer today and when it was halfway to zenith a 35 mph or more gust hit and jacked it out of my hands so fast I couldn't believe it.

Nasty stuff. No fun to work in when you work outside, either.
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Postby kitekarl » Wed Nov 16, 2005 1:18 am

I was the only one at SI and conditions were about the same. Indian Bob tossed me up but it was way too gusty, even for the bow and the little voice said to ditch it. May have to go back up to Oregon for a bit, 5 feet of snow already!
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Postby fearlu » Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:10 am


Look how stressed out your cat is from riding SI on the North wind! Just say "NO". I've done it out of sheer desperation and then always wonder "why, why, WHY?"
Go bigga'
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