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Beginner Gear

Postby Kosta » Thu Mar 25, 2004 4:28 pm

Iíve been a wind surfer for years and now am looking to get my first kite package. Iíve been working with a trainer kite. Whatís type of kite and board do I need to get? What do I need to look for in a kite; size, number of strings, length of strings, safety features, are control bars kite specific? What do I need in a control bar? What do I need to look for in a board; volume displacement, strap typeÖÖ.etc? Will my windsurfing DaKine waist harness work with a kite? Any info will be helpful.

Iím 5í11î and 165lbs. What's a good place in the SF Bay to try kiting for the first time (I live in santa Cruz)?

Postby OliverG » Thu Mar 25, 2004 9:11 pm


It's good that you've been working with a trainer kite. The next thing you'll want to do is take some lessons while you find your gear. In my opinion, the best, and safest location, to take lessons and learn kiting in the SF Bay Area is Alameda. Kite Wind Surf in Alameda offers lessons and will also be able to offer advice on suitable equipment.

Your Dakine waist harness should be fine for now. A 4-line kite is advisable as it offers the most wind range and depowering ability. Almost all kites sold today are 4-line kites. The size of the kite is largely a matter of where you will be riding initially. 12-16 meters is likely.

Control bars are not necessarily kite-specific, normal lengths are 25m or 27m. The width of the bar is generally relevant to the size kite you are flying.

For a board, it's common that beginners learn on fairly large boards (160-180cm) , but I don't personally recommend that as you'll likely quickly outgrow a large board. You may want to consider starting with a board in the 140cm-160cm range.

For more info on lessons as well as important safety and beginner info, be sure to browse the rest of the main bayareakiteboarding site.

Good luck,
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