Environmental/Access Issues Facing Your Area?

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Environmental/Access Issues Facing Your Area?

Postby kitezombies » Thu Nov 02, 2006 10:42 am

Kite Zombies is compiling a list of environmental, safety and access concerns facing kiteboarding areas within the USA. This list will be used to prioritize stewardship, conservation and access projects that benefit the kiteboarding community.

Kite Zombies is a new grassroots advocacy and environmental organization that works to protect waters and ecosystems which are of prime concern to the kiteboarding community.

Information we are looking for includes:

- Kiteboarding Location
- Problem (trash, pollution, access, safety, etc)
- Local contact
- Governing agency or property owner, if known

Please enter your comments on our forum at:


or email: bill@kitezombies.com
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