V4/ pully bar

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V4/ pully bar

Postby Greg » Sun Mar 14, 2004 7:47 pm

Just wanted to share my experance with the V4 so far.
The kite pulls hard and steady. From the edge of it's window the V4 generates power. The surges of power from gusts are smoothed out due to its slower accelaration, the resulting power requires more board edge controll. The kite demonstrated good stability in puffy conditions and turns straight off a wingtip if required.
Boosts are pretty dame amazing for a lower A.R. kite and loft is really amazing too.
I did not expect to like this kite much. I didnt really like the Areo2 becouse the timing seemed to slow . The V4 is only a little slower then the X3 and is super easy to fly. This is not a kite you'll be happy with if your O.P.. Choose the right size and you'll be STOKED with the user friendly qualities of the V4.
I'd say Naish hit the nail on the head this time!
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