How are you going to act at the launch?

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How are you going to act at the launch?

Postby OliverG » Sun Jul 11, 2004 6:57 pm

It defies reason that everyone, especially apparently experienced kiters don't get this simple practice.

It doesn't matter where you kite, at your local spot or elsewhere, but especially when you're visiting a spot show simple common kiting courtesy.

Rolling out your lines is the very last thing you do before you go out!
Period. No excuses! The only time you should rolling out your lines is when you've pumped up your kite, you have your harness, suit, and everything else on and your board's ready at the water's edge.

When you land your kite, roll up your lines!

Also, weigh down your kite! The last thing anyone needs is a runaway kite, especially near roads and recreational paths.

You should be doing this in your sleep. And we're not talking about Alameda here either. Show some courtesy!

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