Turbo Diesel's Just Arrived

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Turbo Diesel's Just Arrived

Postby andyandmarlys » Sat Dec 03, 2005 5:09 pm

When I opened the shop this morning 2 12m Turbo Diesels were waiting for me. Opening one up and laying it out on top of a Crossbow, it seems to be just a hair lower aspect.... (Maybe 2" deeper draft) The leading edge and struts seem a bit thicker as they are made of dacron. The bar setup seems pretty simple.... power adjustments are made at the chicken loop.. (no reaching for any straps) and the sliding power lock seems to be a good idea... With your hand at the middle of the bar, you can push the powerlock up and down with one finger.... If you don't use your finger the powerlock doesn't budge...If you pull the lock and load pin on the chicken loop, the powerlock is disengaged and the kite will depower... (I'd suggest that newbies should not use the powerlock feature until they are comfortable being locked in.. that way if you let go, the kite will auto depower...)

If you'd like to come check it out, I'll have the shop open from 6-7ish on Monday eve... We should have more coming soon (sizes 10 and 14)...

I was able to fly a pre-release demo on the beach about a month ago, and it seems to be somewhat like a slightly lower aspect crossbow. Pretty much everything on the pre-release seems the same on the production kite...

Anyhow... The kite is 1449 complete and comes with a pretty cool backpack bag.. Big improvement over last year's breif case bag...

We also have in stock some crossbow 12m's, a couple switchblade 12m, and a 16m crossbow.

Marlys and I are closing the shop on the 13th of December for the holidays, and will be back on Jan 2nd. Half of this time we will be in Baja, the other half in Washington State...
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