Wind Thursday afternoon at SI??

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Postby whitecap » Fri Sep 02, 2005 11:08 am

KillaHz wrote:
whitecap wrote:ahh....common you guys...bring the wife to the beach and get her on a kite! Join the club with Curt, Zeev, myself and others....Gabe - you can get your daughter out soon on a trainer! ;^)

Soon as the kids are out of school, we are headed up for the weekend. Gabe - you coming up? (type 7s coming next week!!)


Going to Micah's wedding in Tahoe tonight and then hagin with the fam on Sat. May try to make it out on Sunday, however, got a taste of the coast in the fall on Monday and I can say that my craving for flat water right now is diminishing. Maybe I'll see ya on Sunday.
know what you mean. We hit s cruz last weekend. Got Fri, sat and sun at waddell. Small enough on Friday that Alex and Brian joined MG and I in the waves. South swell picked up a little on Sat, so only Alex joined us....he was hitting some nice lips...On Sun, the swell peaked up a bit with very nice sets, so Alex sat on the beach with Brian, but MG and I were digging it...

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Postby Pablito » Fri Sep 02, 2005 11:20 am

The forecast is for good wind weather through Thursday; after that the evil "Rex Block" builds in and pushes the wind offshore.
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