PKRA Cabarete Final Results

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PKRA Cabarete Final Results

Postby OliverG » Sun Jun 20, 2004 9:49 am

PKRA press release of Saturday 19th of June ñ Bozo beach, Cabarete ñ
Best kiteboarding World cup ñ Day 5

Weather and wind conditions
A very calm morning, the wind only picked up late in the beginning of the afternoon but once it kicked in it picked up pretty fast and most people were on 10 or 12 meter kites. In the middle of the afternoon the clouds arrived but fortunately it didnít make the wind go funky! It remained perfectly steady till the finals were over!

Andre Phillip (ANT), Gianni Aragno (ESP), Ruben Lenten (NED) and Alvaro Onieva (ESP) were out in the last heat yesterday that was cancelled due to the wind conditions. This morning they were up as first in the water. Andre and Gianni went up against each other and both are really good riders, Gianni advanced to the next round together with Ruben Lenten. Gianni went up against Aaron Hadlow and the heat was great, a lot of good moves from both sides. Gianni crashed a little too much while Aaron rode a smooth impressive heat, Gianni made high and low-powered handle passes, Aaron went for a downloop s-bend and at the end of the heat an insane kiteloop handle pass. Martin Vari versus Ruben Lenten in the next heat, both on fire as well, the heat was great entertainment for all public, high handle passes, board off moves, powered handle passes, s-bend down loops, Martin took the lead from Ruben and won the heat, he advanced to the next round where he met Aaron. This heat was great between the 2 riders, Martin went for a lot of moves and his style is still one of the best, he went for downloop s-bends, grabs, a Pete Rose, front to blind with a pass, basically took the lead of the heat most of the way, very closely followed by Aaron, in the last minute Aaron went for a kiteloop followed by a handle pass that was super high, he landed heavy but managed to hold on and took the winning place from Martin.
Aaron moving up in the ladder, went on against Jose Ciriaco (DOM REP) and once again Aaron rode a solid heat with different moves, downloop s-bend, unhooked kiteloop, handle passes and so on, Jose on the other side also rode a good heat , at the end he went for a massive double handle pass but didnít land perfectly. Jose missed a couple of extra moves to beat Aaron and Aaron went up against Jaime Herraiz, the winner of the single elimination. Jaime arrived just on time for the final, rode directly into the area and started his repertoire, powered handle passes, unhooked kiteloops, Mobes, slim chances and a lot of variation of moves. Aaron on the other hand was probably tired and crashed a lot, he didnít ride as solid a heat as he had done before and lost the heat with a 7-0 decision from the judges! For the first time since the beginning of the PKRA Jaime made it to first place on the podium, Jaime has been recognized for a long time as one of the most impressive and inventive kiteboarders on the tour and for sure deserved this first place! Congratulations Jaime, you were ripping!

1. Jaime Herraiz (ESP)
2. Aaron Hadlow (UK)
3. Jose Luis Ciriaco (DOM REP)
4. Martin Vari (ARG)
5. Ruben Lenten (HOL) ñ Gianni Aragno (ESP)

First women in the water, Julie Simsar (FRA) versus Daphnee Laliberte (CAN) and Petra Goeschl (GER) against Ania Grzelinska (POL), the heat was very close between the first two girls, Julie Simsar did a lot of unhooked moves but so did Daphnee Laliberte, Daphnee did a 360 surface handle pass, a kiteloop and some high jumps. Daphnee won from Julie and advanced to the next round against Kristin Boese. In the same heat we had Petra against Ania, both girls did a lot of moves, Petra did some nice and technical board off moves and a very nice kiteloop, Ania a lot of unhooked moves, some one footers, she rode a complete heat and won over Petra, Ania advanced to the next round where she met Ingrid Kˆllbichler. Ingrid did a lot of high jumps, board off moves and won from Ania and Kristin Boese (GER) won from Daphnee Laliberte. Kristin, a very solid rider who rode very solid during the whole event made it through to the semi finals, advancing from Ingrid Kˆllbichler (AUT) in the 5th round. Kristin lost in the semi finals from Cindy Mosey, Kristin went for it and did very nice moves, raileyís, 360 surface handle passes and several board off moves. Cindy on the other hand did some impressive kiteloops; hooked in as well as unhooked, nice grabs and an ariel handle pass. Cindy advanced to the final where she met winner of the single elimination Angela Peral (ESP), Cindy was on fire and won from Angela in the first final, Cindy did all sorts of kiteloops, double backloop to kiteloop, unhooked kiteloops, ariel handle passes, front to blind with a handle pass. Angela did a very nice kite loop again and a couple of high jumps, only in the second final Angela came back with a 360 surface handle pass, kiteloops, high jumps and board offís. Cindy again went for another one of those heats were she did 80% of her moves with a kiteloop and finished the heat with a nice ariel handle pass followed by a unhooked kiteloop. The winner of the Cabarete Best kiteboarding world cup was once again Cindy Mosey! Congratulations Cindy!!!

1. Cindy Mosey (NZ)
2. Angela Peral (ESP)
3. Kristin Boese (GER)
4. Ingrid Kˆllbichler (AUT)
5. Daphnee Laliberte (CAN) ñ Ania Grzelinska (POL)
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