Wind & transport?

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Wind & transport?

Postby Guest » Wed Aug 03, 2005 4:19 am

Hi guys,

I'm coming from far, far away to join UC Berkeley this fall, and can't wait to get back to kitesurfing!
However, the evil doctors have warned that I must wait till mid-October, grr..
Anyway just wanted to ask what wind conditions are like from October onwards (keeping in mind that I'm quite a light rider), and how easy is it to get around, as I won't have my own car?

Oh yeah, is there an F-One distributor anywhere around?


Postby dewey » Wed Aug 03, 2005 7:23 am

No F-One, Mid October is the end of the regular season (winter storms will be comming not to far from you. For most of the sites you'll need a car or a buddy to get around. You could kite Berekely, but see Ollie's post on Berekely Guide line first.

My advise is to forget about kiting for the winter, get good grades fall session, study hard for spring session, because March, April the wind will pick up.
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