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Postby dewey » Fri Jul 29, 2005 10:00 am

I don't kite there, but what about sandbagging like at little baja. Nobody would see it, and it seems pretty safe.

just a thought
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Postby Don Bogardus » Fri Jul 29, 2005 8:02 pm

Bob wrote:Hi Greg;

I only have a minute but I want to briefly respond and expand on kitechicks comments.

Take a look at this map:

The dark and light green areas are EBRP areas. Have you ever kited any of those spots? Windsurfed? Probably every one along the shoreline. That is, in part, what is going on.

The bar has been risen for Jeff annually. They tell him he can not do something and as a resouceful small business owner he finds a way to circumvent that imposed (I almost used legal but I'm not convinced) restriction. Once they realize that he has found a means to continue to serve the community he loves within the constrictions of EBRP a new letter comes from EBRP's Harvard lawyer filled with innuendo and strongly phrased double speak of a higher bar to jump. Jeff being a resourceful small business owner finds a way around that quagmire of legalese and the bar is raised again, and again and again for three years. If there was a relevant law that gave them dominion over the bay they would have cited it in the first year not the third.

They could not even figure out what to book him for at the county jail.
If you are a DUI they know what section of law applies. If you drive to fast or park illegally it is clear in the eye of the law code and section what you did wrong.
It is not clear here.

Clearly Boardsports is being protected by EBRP -and the why goes beyond merely supporting a concessioner - which is befitting a contractual arrangement. However contracts expire and concessions with public agencies come up for open bid but not here. Why? Someone on high authorized that display of force on Saturday. That person is zealously protecting Boardsports to an extent that does not befit a public servant. Why? it was no accident that the squash that pesky Jeff display occured. Displays of that magnitude are not appproved by the sergeant on duty that day.

If they had sent one officer the money they saved on that two hour fiasco might have afforded them a boat and a handheld VHF radio.

And then there was the plea for funds last year via measure CC.

Somehow when you follow the trail in incidents like this you end up sniffing out power or money or collusion. Actions from yesterday speak volumes when placed next to today's silence from Boardsports and EBRP.

I have heard that a statement will be forthcoming from EBRP after their law team reviews it, (hopefully sooner than later if kiters have as little patience as i do), If they dont, then it seems the war against Boardsports will just continue, but i am starting to get acustomed to it now and will just keep doing the best job i can teaching, and try to focus more than ever on safety, and try to view this controversy as pure entertainment, which it is truly becoming !!!. The verdict, whatever it may be has got me wondering, and is more interesting than the OJ simpson trial!.I think a book deal is in the making!, or at least kiteboard magazine!
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Postby charlie » Fri Jul 29, 2005 8:26 pm



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