Lessons from Leading Edge or Kite'opia?

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Postby bdawg » Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:35 pm

Schooled at SI wrote:Thanks Blair and Rick.

Those are the specific comments I was looking for.

Rick, does Sandy use radios too to communicate with the learner?
If not, could you hear her instructions clearly?

Could you guys elaborate on how the lessons were formatted?
"Classroom time", trainer time, body drag, board, etc...

I'll elaborate on the Edge experience. I am not Nat (i.e. the one teaching you) but this is pretty close to what you will get.
Ideally you would want some trainer time. If not Nat would go over this with you. He then tells you about the wind window and would ask you to do something with the trainer in the air. If you couldn't do it you don't go on.
Next is land lesson. Walking you through setting up your kite. connecting lines. lanching and landing. safety system and how to use it. why and when you use it. Walks you through the self rescue on land where it is much easier (i.e. you are not swimming)
Next is body drag. You get to really feel the big kite. You then have to do a self rescue (i.e. the kite taco) Nat asseses your kite skills at this point and if you are good and safe you get the board. You then learn how to stay up on the board, manage the kite power, then hopefull edge upwind. Nat is very easy to get along with. Very easy going. Again he stresses safety and wants you to have fun and learn why he and everyone else here on this site loves this sport.

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which school?

Postby School user » Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:15 am

Both schools are top notch in instruction, equipment and teaching methodology. My suggestion in picking:
1. See who has availability which matches your schedule
2. Talk to both and see who you 'feel' better about.

Feel comfortable that you CAN'T go wrong with either school. It's so nice to have choices.

FYI - Nat at Edge kiteboarding was my wife's teacher. She went from zero to staying upwind in 5 weeks. He is a very good teacher. I learned from Bruce Sheldon, who has a very different approach to learning. Effective at teaching you the basics.

Good winds, Z.
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Postby Schooled at SI » Mon Jun 20, 2005 1:47 pm

Thank Blair for the details. Very informative!

Talked to Nat a couple days ago and I think we'll try for a midweek "drop in".

Z, I think my bro mentioned giving your wife windsurfing lessons long ago. Now he's the student! :shock: Thanks for your input.
Schooled at SI


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