Flaw in 5th line design

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Postby andyandmarlys » Thu Jun 09, 2005 7:56 pm

Interesting thing I learned about the 5th line... It is supposed to go loose when totally powered up... I inadvertantly had many twists on my center line which caused the center lines to bind a little bit. This made my kite fly akwardly... flaring out when I sheeted in since the center line was tight... and should have been loose...

I am wondering if the center lines were wrapped on your friends kite when it ripped out the 5th line connection point... I wasn't even aware that I should pay attention to how many winds my center line had on my North 5th element system
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Postby sflinux » Tue Jun 14, 2005 12:59 pm

The 5th line, when properly tuned, should have the same tension as the front lines. It is true, if the 5th line is too snug, your kite will want to start sinking from the sky (too much pull on the leading edge). You can see this if you pull on the leash while flying the kite. If you pull about 6 in, the kite will start sinking, if you pull about a foot, the kite will do a dive(hindenburg). If you get enough wraps on the 5th line, your 5th line is effectively shortened and you will start seeing the above effects. This is good to know and a benefit in overpowered conditions. If you are fully sheeted and still overpowered, you can pull on the 5th line to spill additional wind.
Once you start riding in waves, the flaw in the 5th line is readily apparant in terms of strength. If you're kite is caught in a wave, that is a pretty significant force, pushing the kite, while you act as an anchor treading in the water.
As far as the kite sinking when the 5th line is pulled, this is the same concept as to why the windwing SAFE bridle works. The rapture doesn't have a bridle, but has shortened tips (chop top), an ultra stiff leading, and a flatter shape (less U) to the kite. That is how the rapture is still compatible with the SAFE system. Think of it as chopping the tips off of a rage and having the rage bridle being the front pigtail for the kite.
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