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Postby Bob » Sun Jun 19, 2005 10:07 am

Great test of kite skills yesterday.
The wind was spotty but as you approched Berkeley it got better.
Sylvia and I picked up a dozen downed kiters who got caught in the holes that clevered off the tail end group twice. The first group was on the gate side of Alcatraz with not a breath to fly in (although the sensor reads don't show this). One kiter was plucked from the beach @ Angel Is. The second group had the windless hole chase them down just off of TI. Those that were in front group had the better wind.

It was another really fun KWS event and the post downwinder party was a lot of fun with tons of personal adventures from the day being shared.

When is the next one?
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Postby OliverG » Mon Jun 20, 2005 8:42 am

July 16 is the next one, I believe.

Saturday's downwinder was indeed a good test. The wind seemed strong at Crissy upon launching, and I headed out for a few tacks while waiting for everyone to make their way out onto the water. After a bit, it looked like most people were out so I started heading down and the wind started getting lighter and lighter. I stayed to the right of Alcatraz, which was the call on this day it seems, and persevered down towards TI in winds that at times were probably 8-10 at best. Once I was just past TI, I caught some slightly better wind and made my way down towards Berkeley. Was able to have a bit of fun on the way down. Ultranectar and I landed on the beach first, de-rigged and sought out cold beverages. In unusual fashion, the wind was actually better closer in, and those who still had their kites up started trickling in.
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