Velocity Games '05 Final Results and News

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Velocity Games '05 Final Results and News

Postby OliverG » Wed Jun 01, 2005 7:59 pm

Nissan Velocity Games 2005: Getting Better Every Year

For pics of the Velocity Games go here: ... /index.htm

Corpus Christi, Texas--The Velocity Games converged on Magee Beach this Memorial Day Weekend. Many of the worldís top professional skateboarders, kiteboarders and windsurfers traveled from around the world to compete for over $50,000 in cash and prizes. This year's games brought in major title sponsors such as Nissan, Budweiser, Coca Cola, Clear Channel, Time Warner Telecom, Quiksilver, Hurley, Volcom, Element Skateboards, Osiris, Dakine, Reef, Benjamin, Omni Hotels, Hooters, Zero Gravity Kiteboarding, Best Kiteboarding, Wipika Kiteboarding,7 Kiteboarding, US Kiteboard Pro Tour and The Kiteboarder Magazine, along with a slew of local supporters.

In its third year, the Velocity Games has built a reputation for having one of the best prize tournaments in the business. The newly formed board of directors comprised of local business owners helped to make this yearís event bigger than ever and drew national media such as Clear Channel, FOX 54321 and UPN to catch the action.

This yearís event was blessed with plenty of sunshine and crowd participation, estimated at 50,000 over the four-day period. Magee Park was literally transformed into an action sports village filled with a 68-foot mini-ramp, climbing walls, a competition trampoline and a live sound stage that hosted several local and nationally recognized bands. The kiteboarding and windsurfing venue was only steps away on the adjacent beach, blending the best of both water and land action sports.

Sk8board Competition

The skateboard competition brought in high profile names such as Omar Hassan, Brent Atchley, Dallas Rockvam, John Komer and Dylan Rieder. The Texas sk8 community rallied to the cause and hooted and hollered for five days straight which helped push the riders to throw down their sickest tricks. The competition featured an Old Skool discipline which challenged the riders to compete on vintage skateboards. Quiksilverís Omar Hassan of Costa Mesa, California won the Open Sk8board jam and $5000 by edging out Chris Lehman of Tampa, Florida by 3/10 of a point. Out of 35 contestants, this yearís games lured in the strongest competitive field to date, with 80% pros or sponsored amateurs.

Kiteboarding Competition

The kiteboarding competition added a new Boarder Cross discipline. Competitors were challenged to race on a slalom course that included buoys to jump over and strategic upwind tacks. Mother Nature cooperated three out of the five days and delivered 15-20 knot winds. Sundayís Expression Session final was stopped short when a Texas squall came rolling through at the end of the day. Over a thousand people watched world class kiteboarders Sky Solbach, Clinton Bolton, Andy Hurdman, Adam Koch, Shannon Best and Jon Modica battle it out in the Menís freestyle final. Best Kiteboardingís Clinton Boltonís incredible kite loops barely edged out North Kiteboardingís Sky Solbach for the win.

The Boarder Cross competition was an interesting new concept. Naish Kiteboardingís Adam Koch blazed the course in the final, but lost his board on his last tack. Sky Solbach was able to edge him out at the last moment and claim the win. 15- year-old Morgan Skiperdene from the Dominican Republic came out of the woodwork and won both the Womenís freestyle and Boarder Cross disciplines winning $2,500. The fun factor of this yearís kiteboarding competition was at an all time high and dozens of new faces came on the scene to stake their claim.

Windsurfing Competition

Results Coming Soon!


Velocity Open Sk8board jam Final Results
1) Omar Hassan-- Costa Mesa, California --90.0 --- $5000
2) Chris Lehman-- Tampa, Florida--89.7 --- $4000
3) Jon Comer-- Dallas, Tx--86.6 ---$3000
4) Jason Womack--Houston, Tx --- 86.3 -- $2000
5) Chaz Pinada-- Houston, Tx---85.9 --$1000
6) Brian Rogers -- Corpus Christi --85.0
7) Robby Booker -- Dallas Texas -- 84.1
8. Jason Schmale -- Austin, Texas -- 83.5
9) Bryan Botelho--Corpus Christi -- 82.0
10) Cory Thornhill-- Austin Texas -- 80.5
10) John Glaze -- Austin texas-- 80.5

Old Skool Board Contest
Winner: Cory Thornhill, Austin

Best Old Skool Trick
Winner: John Glaze, Austin

In addition to the main even results, other division winners included:

1) Taylor Howard, Corpus Christi
2) Raney Beres, San Antonio
3) Kyle Pressley, corpus christi

1) Heath Cherryhomes, Houston
2) Sean Green, Dallas
3) Cody McIntyre, Portland

JUNIOR SUPER HEAT (on the Main event ramp, judged by main event judges)
1) Raney Beres, San Antonio
2) Heath Cherryhomes, HOUSTON
3) Sean Green, Dallas, Texas
4) Alex Padgett, Corpus Christi, Texas
5) Taylor Howard, Corpus Christi, Texas

Kiteboarding Competition Final Results

Outlaw Men - Expression Session
1) Kent Graninger - $500 & DaKine product (California, Cabrinha)
2) Ben Kleppe - $300 & DaKine Product (Florida, Slingshot)
3) Scott Cox - $150 & DaKine Product (California, Cabrinha)

Pro Women - Expression Session
1) Morgan Skipperdene - $1,000 (North Carolina, Airush)
2) Julie Simsar - $500 (Puerto Rico, Flexifoil)
3) Bri Chmel - $250 (California, RRD)
4) Gail Zacaii - $150 (Oregon, Wipika)

Pro Men - Expression Session
1) Clinton Bolton - $1,000 (South Africa, Best)
2) Sky Solbach - $500 (Bon Aire, North)
3) Andy Hurdamna - $250 (Florida, Best)
4) Shannon Best - (Florida, Best)
5) Adam Koch - (California, Naish)
6) John Modica - (Florida, Cabrinha)


Outlaw Men - Boarder Cross
1) Scott Cox - $500 (California, Cabrinha)
2) Kent Graninger - $300 (California, Cabrinha)
3) Ben Kleppe - $200 (Florida, Slingshot)
4) Jeff Nelson - $100 (Florida, North)
5) Jay Stebbins - $50 (Conneticut, Best)

Pro Women - Boarder Cross
1) Morgan Skipperdene - $1,500 (North Carolina, Airush)
2) Julie Simsar - $1000 (Puerto Rico, Flexifoil)
3) Bri Chmel - $750 (California, RRD)
4) Gail Zacaii - $300 (Oregon, Wipika)

Pro Men - Boarder Cross
1) Sky Solbach - $1,500 (Bon Aire, North)
2) Adam Koch - $1,000 (California, Naish)
3) Mike Danish - $750 (TEXAS, North)
4) Shannon Best - $500 (Florida, Best)
5) Clinton Bolton - $250 (South Africa, Best)
6) Denver Coon - $200 (Hawaii, RRD)
7) Andy Hurdman - $150 (Florida, Best)
8. Brad Lange - $100 - (Florida, Best)

For more information on the Velocity Games, check out Thanks to the City of Corpus for hosting this incredible Memorial Day Weekend event and all the sponsors this year: Nissan, Budweiser, Coca Cola, Clear Channel, Time Warner Telecom, Quiksilver, Hurley, Volcom, Element Skateboards, Osiris, Dakine, Reef, Benjamin, Omni Hotels, Hooters, Banana Boat, Zero Gravity Kiteboarding, Best Kiteboarding, Wipika Kiteboarding 7 kiteboarding, US Kiteboarding Pro Tour and The Kiteboarder Magazine. A special thanks to the local businesses for their support including The Doctorís Center, Havana Club, 21, Executive Surf Club, Mulliganís, Epiloc, Texas Ski Ranch, Third Coast Construction, Whataburger, Radiology Associates, Sound Vibrations, Bay Ltd., FYI, HEB, McCleod Creative, Idea Worldwide, Electric Tan and South Coast Church.
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Postby Bob » Thu Jun 02, 2005 11:14 pm

Those Outlaws from ALAMEDA be winners!!
KWS home boys rock!
Congratulation Kent (1,2) and Scott (1,3)
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