Thank You KWS & North for Downwind Frolic

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Thank You KWS & North for Downwind Frolic

Postby Bob » Sun May 15, 2005 9:58 am

** Crissy Field to Berkeley**

What a great day from anticipating the bus arriving to burgers and beer at the end.
Well planned, Well run, and Ohh so much FUN!

A classic moment from yesterday:

Gust hits, no problem bear away and ride it, I stll have seven miles of space to give away.... hehehehe :mrgreen:

Gust hits, no problem load up and send it!! Then count the waves you float over as you choose one to land on.... hehehehe :mrgreen:

Puff hits; no problem start surfing the wave with multiple hits on the lip while in front of you a freind is getting FAA clearance from SFO tower.... hehehehe :shock:

Bus stops; North Kite team ejects out of door and returns minutes later with Classic Cold Beers for All, decisions decisions, Heiniken or Beck's hmmmmmm I'll have a Fat Tire.... hehehehe :)

Thanks again to the North Riders and especially Jeff & Emily for organizing such a wonderful event for all of us to share together.
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Postby Getssum » Mon May 16, 2005 8:38 am

Here here!!!

I would also like to thank KiteWindSurf and North not only for arranging the downwinder, booking the bus, buying the celebratory drinks for the ride home, but also for the BBQ afterwards!

Awesome Day, Great Downwinder fun (once you get it through your thick skull that you're SUPPOSED to be going down wind!)

Also, personal thanks to Jeff for letting me Demo the North Vegas 2005 12m. Fun Fun kite! Very responsive, easy to control, Lots of boost, and loads of depower. Would have like to have tested the 5th Element, but never crashed the kite...

Check them out if you get the chance!

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