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Where should I be kiting these days??

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 7:44 am
by paldis1
I started kiting last year and was forced to take the winter off due to an unrelated injury. I have been out of the loop since October. Where should I go to get back on the water?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:28 am
by knyfe
Best spot in the bay area for beginners is clearly Alameda. But watch out and dont take the strong spring winds for going out the first time again.

If you can go upwind later the season you can go to 3rd Avenue as you are from MV. Saves you 20 minutes additional driving.

Try to go to alameda during the week as it fills up on the weekends. I counted 30 Kites in the air on saturday. But if you are more experienced its not aproblem as all eginner are close to the beach as you will next time.

Dont forget: Stay safe and distane is your friend!

Welcome! K


PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 9:59 pm
by Guest
I was thinking it would be safer to go to Alameda at first. I have had a couple of bad experiences ending up downwind at 3rd Ave.
Thanks for the tip.