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"Testicular Fortitude"

Postby Fox » Tue Mar 22, 2005 8:15 pm

This is a sick write up. Nice work in putting in the time to put out something really thrilling to read. I got ice in my veins with just the description of the swells. I crave readable kite stories of the Surfers Journal variety, and this was right on the money.

It also served to get me super psyched for another season of kiting, on the coast especially. I got a few fatty days over there last year, with one or two where I tapped all of my "testicular fortitude" just to get on the water, and true to your description, it is usually bigger once your out there. I never even approached anything like the swell you were out in, however. I heard Mitchells Cove was breaking in rare, rare stand up tube form that day, with the same kind of massive, sucking current you described pulling surfers down to the lighthouse. Mountains of water make the thrills significantly greater.

I also got my ass handed to me a few times and was really scared about getting tangled while in the washing machine. It didn't happen, and I haven't heard about it happening much, but my guess is that it's probably one of the greatest risks of taking it on the head in big surf with a kite.

Hats off to you for dropping in on a massive, channelless closeout day at Scotts, solo. You probably will rarely question your own nut sack size or ball durometer when it comes time to step up again.
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