Thank you Windwing

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Thank you Windwing

Postby Guest » Tue Mar 01, 2005 7:50 pm

Being back in my home state of VT while riding between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks and hanging with an awsome group 750+ who also shared a passion for this incredible sport - I could ask for anything more. But....I got more, a first prize for speed at the Northeastern US Kitestorm in Burlington VT on feb26/27 [check out for more info on the event].

On Saturday the wind was blowing about 9-10mph so I pumped up my 25m outrage and flew that for 5 hours. While everyone else was pumping to find wind I cruized like a Boeing 777, and didn't have dip the kite once to find the good stuff. Actually, a friend of mine told me I pretty much blocked out the sun over the whole event. The kite just hung there and never once dropped out of the sky. Then on Sunday I went out for the speed contest and won a Peter Lynn 13m Bomba!! I was using my 2005 17m Outrage and the wind was at it's lowest for the whole day. Check for Vermont and the Colchester/White's Beach meters will show the lull I was riding in during my 20 minutes (11:15-11:35). I should have pumped up my 25m then I would have really be rockin, but I had to leave (6hr drive) and it's a mini project pumping that baby up. Thanks again.

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