Cabrinha line snapped on first use.

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Cabrinha line snapped on first use.

Postby charlieoneseven » Sun Feb 27, 2005 9:30 pm

I had launched the kite uneventfully from 9 o'clock the first flight and held the kite at 12 o'clock for about 20 minutes pretty much neutral powered and de-powered with no gusts just a good 12 to 15 mph I was wearing my seat harness and flew the kite from standing, sitting and laying down on the beach only. When I landed it back to my wife I took my eyes off of it as I un-hooked for a second and it was already on the ground but she had ended up on the leeward side of the kite not where I wanted her. Just as she walked around the top to the front the top front line broke just above the pigtail and the kite tunbled downwind as she scampered to stop it I walked towards it. The line broke just above the heat shrinked clear wrapping . The reason I even bring it up here is to ask the question.
Has anyone else had one of Cabrinha lines failed while flying the first time in the air?

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