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Windwing Rapture Pictures

Postby jjm » Thu Feb 10, 2005 10:20 am

Windwing is releasing a new kite this month, the Rapture. It looks like it will have the depower capabilities of their other kites without the SAFE bridle, and have a new shape that combines the speed of a medium aspect kite with the lift of a high aspect kite. Looks pretty cool.

KiteForum Thread: New Windwing Kite "RAPTURE" Available soon

Windwing Forum: Psst -- the Rapture is Coming

Picture: Rapture

Picture: Rapture compared to Outrage

(Hey Ollie, you don't care about linking to other forums right?)
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Postby OliverG » Thu Feb 10, 2005 6:29 pm

No problem, link away!
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windwing forum.

Postby bdawg » Thu Feb 10, 2005 8:25 pm

JJM took some of my thunder. I was going to put up a post re: the new windwing forum. I know there are several people who frequent this site who may be interested.

Take a look here. WindWing Forum


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Postby OliverG » Thu Feb 10, 2005 8:43 pm

Blair, looks like he scooped you! It's exciting info, the Rapture is very interesting indeed.

From the Windwing forum:

"The Rapture is a completely different kite from anything else out there. It
was designed with the typically younger, more aggressive, progressive,
and edgy riders in mind that are more interested in the extreme aspects
of kiteboarding. The Rapture excels in kite loops, freestyle moves, and
aggressive wave riding. The kite turns on a dime and does not generate
unwanted power when turned sharply. The short turning radius makes it
ideal for kite looping, handle passes, and wave riding ó without losing
the high altitude jumping ability of a high-aspect kite. It also makes an
excellent multi-season, dual-use kite for snow and water because of its
built in re-launch system combined with the extended range and
increased lift.

It is important to note, and Windwing will be the first to say, however,
that the Rapture is not for everyone. The kite has a fairly edgy feel, and is
not nearly as easy to traditionally relaunch as the Rage II and the Outrage.
We have
found that relaunching efficiency does improve with practice, and highly
skilled kiters can adapt their relaunch techniques to
make the relaunch capability of the Rapture more than acceptable ó
especially when using reverse-relaunch technique by pulling the rear

In terms of performance, The Rapture is not a specialized high-altitude
machine like the Outrage has proven to be, nor is it quite as versatile and
user-friendly as the all-round Rage II. The Rapture behaves more like a
high-performance "sports car" with very specific design parameters. The
Rapture can be a very easy kite to fly in the right conditions, but it can
quickly lead to some advanced situations at other times ó especially in
situations where the rider is not accustomed to rear re-launch technique.

The Rapture excels in high and even very gusty winds, and a provides a
lively feel without excess power. We believe it is perfect for riders who are
comfortable riding in very powered-up conditions and appreciate a
responsive and controllable kite with tons of range. In
the right hands it is a kite that has the potential to open up a whole new
level of personal expression."
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