Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

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Re: Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

Postby Yoda » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:50 pm

Yoda wrote:My formula for narrowing down the sizing for the Tomo kite surfboards is this:
Use Firewire's calculator to find your ideal volume size for paddle surfing: ... -selector/
Fill it out like this:
Level = Advanced
Fitness = Excellent
Age = For 35 and over, put in 30
Weight = xyz
Body Type = xyz
Click on Weaker Waves (Tomo boards are best for these)
Then size down 1-3 liters from the Smallest recommended size. Since the kite versions only come in 2" increments you may be in between volumes. If so, go for the smaller size.
Edit: After playing around with the FW calculator and comparing what others are reporting for board size and body weight, I think 1-3 liters is more accurate.

I just want to clarify that my formula is only intended to help narrow down the Tomo size options. When I first ordered my Vanguard, I used the FW calculator to get some perspective on where I should be. For me, 22-26ltrs was recommended for paddle surfing. Based on that, I ordered the 5'2. After reading reviews online and emailing Felix and some others, I came to the conclusion that the 5'0 would be the better choice. Not long after, I got to try the 5'2, and it solidified that my choice to go with the 5'0 was a very smart move.
When I tried the Vader 5'1 (being only 1" longer than my Vanguard) I'd figured it would ride nearly the same. Instead it felt almost the same as the 5'2 Vanguard and it felt big to me. Sure enough it was the exact same volume as the 5'2. It did turn quick due to the narrower tail, but it felt big up front and bounced around a lot more. Granted it was a bit more stable due to added volume, but it felt like turning a bus compared to the 5'0. Keep in mind that by the time I rode the Vader, I'd already had over a year on the Vanguard, so I was used to the lower volume and could notice the difference immediately. This was actually surprising to me to say the least.
Moving forward, I've spoken with some that are on the 4'10 and say it feels really close the 5'0, so I'm optimistic.
Let us know what you find out on what worked best for you and why so you can help others out!
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Re: Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

Postby sloughslut » Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:41 pm cool vid might help
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Re: Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

Postby Aloha » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:40 pm

The evo looks interesting to me - what I don't like as much about swallows and diamonds is I feel like it's harder to control when you tee up to tear bag
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Re: Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

Postby kitet » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:13 pm

Thank you all for the replies. Great feedback.
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Re: Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

Postby Rakky » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:14 pm

Is the Evo available?
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Re: Vanguard - Where to demo and sizes

Postby WMFG » Tue May 31, 2016 1:00 pm

J-GAR wrote:Cool, would like to see and try out the WMFG pad.

I'm going to be in the Bay Area with my 5'3" Vader with WMFG pads from June 4th - 12th. Cali Kites, Boardsports, and WOW all have some stock of WMFG pads, but email me if you're interested in checking out the pads in person, trying my board, etc. I'll be on the coast at Waddell June 8-12th. Thanks
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