Naish kite questions?

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Postby Guest » Mon Jan 17, 2005 5:44 pm


First off I can't believe they made an orange V4. I thought Naish stopped making the orange and yellow kites by now. Everyone wants the Red or Blue ones. Judging by the 2005 line it looks like they got the message.

As for a board I just posted a board in the Classifieds on this site: ... product=43

It's brand new. Take a look.

As for lines you should not have a problem with the Naish lines. They are considered the best in the business. They cost the most as well. You will see why if you try two different sets of lines. Just make sure you always get any sand of your connection points. That is what screws up your lines the most.

As for the line lengths. You would be best to make adjustments to the flying lines (Red and blue) and make the adjustments on the bar end of things. As I said fly the kite first. Naish has the lines set up pretty close out of the bag but sometimes they rig lines for the X3 or X4 and put that bar in your bag. Just my experience.


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