Interesting Alameda Crown beach newbies behavior

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Re: Interesting Alameda Crown beach newbies behavior

Postby le noun » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:16 pm

Col.kiteman: since the beach has been redone this year, it is now encouraged to launch the way you would normally launch everywhere else: with the launcher towards the water.
The reason people were doing the opposite at alameda was that the beach deteriorated so badly that it was impossible to launch that way at high tide (launcher would have have been in the water to do so).
If you see people launching the old way (like until last year) kindly remind them that the beach is now large enough to launch the other way (kite towards the water) and explain to them why it is safer to do so.

I've had no "resistance" so far when explaining people that they are launching the wrong way since the beginning of the season. SS$$
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Re: Interesting Alameda Crown beach newbies behavior

Postby sanjose_kiter » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:02 pm

sanjose_kiter wrote:
Yeah, it was an orange/black Naish kite.
Lesson learned :

1. Stay away from kiters with helmet, especially when they are upwind of you.
2. Guys with helmet can't hear you anyway, so it is a waste of time to try to talk to them.

>>>>> That was meant sarcastically. I quit wearing helmet after 1st season, but my kiting buddy still wear one, especially now that he is doing high jumps & tricks.
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Re: Interesting Alameda Crown beach newbies behavior

Postby reyrivera » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:07 pm

Is he that obtuse?
I saw him this afternoon jump right on the beach by ShellGate and ended up dumping his kite on the head of a BoardSports instructors teaching 3 newbies. The instructor just landed their kite on the beach, looks like he was teaching self rescue techniques. You would think he'll be a safer and mindful rider at this point. It was minus low tide late this afternoon. You could be out a hundred yards, do jumps, and still touch the ground if the jump is biffed.

CdoG wrote:Ya thats jay
You should let him know how you feel about some of his kite antics
I do all the time
Dont forget to tell him to roll up his lines and move his kite out of the L..Z
When he gos home for lunch.
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