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Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:07 am
by etxxz
windstoked wrote:The bigger picture here is what does this mean for NorCal access?
We need to be proactive in avoiding a situation like that here.
One of the places I'm concerned about is Dillon.
That's one of the places where the most user variability is concentrated.
Maybe we should come up with launch guidelines there that will minimize the chances of an accident or possibly worse a fight like they they got that started this whole thing at Kanaha.

Mr. Panic as always.

Don't fix it if it aint broken. That place is just fine.

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:08 pm
by Col.kiteman
Tony Soprano wrote:(*tt Grow up idiots

Is this an example of the right way of getting uor points across. Maybe its just me, but your tactics are strikingly similar to the "hostile kiters" at kite beach who are being blamed for this

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:09 pm
by Col.kiteman
Tony Soprano wrote:_+_+ Jerk

Or is this a better way to diplomatically solve a problem. Practice what u preach

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:22 pm
by Aloha
I wouldn't mistake Mr Sopranos rough edged approach here for lack of diplomacy.. Those of us who live downtown and frequent Crissy are extremely grateful for his knack to be diplomatic when and where it counts

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:39 pm
by Tony Soprano
Seems to be allot of sniping by some forum participants of other peoples comments.

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:04 pm
by friggin old guy
I don't know Tony, but I'd say he's just kind of miffed to see these things get out of hand regardless of who's at fault, and maybe more sensitive to the issue due to the fact that Crissy is pretty much the poster child of a premier kiting spot that must cater to multiple users......or face consequences.

It was interesting to watch the back and forth on ikite a few months back when the individual involved in the Kanaha thing was trying to rile things up online by posting a video of "kiters behaving badly". There were a number of folks- kiters online- who immediately jumped into the conclusion that things were out of control in Kanaha and that bystanders were being endangered by knuckleheaded kiters and posted all kinds of incendiary comments. However, it kind of looked like that the guy posting the video possibly had a ulterior motive and posted that video precisely with purpose of generating the appearance of safety issues....which in point of fact may very well have been intentionally exaggerated.

We've all come across the guy that sets up with his kids and family right in the middle of an active launch zone with kites all over the place. When you tell him- however politely you try- that he's putting his family at risk by sitting in that location- he'll get all pissed off and tell you you have no right to tell him what to do. Which is just kind of nutty, in my opinion.

I think the Kite Beach situation is exactly that on steroids. And the guy acts like he's roided out, or at least pretty crazy.

Who's exactly at fault and what's the right thing to do is probably a matter of individual perspective, however it does seem like there's not a lot of talking or common ground. For the rest of us, I think we can only applaud efforts of folks like TS that actively try to avoid the development of a similar problem closer to home.

Not saying we need to go hog wild with a bunch of new rules but jeez just use common sense around bystanders and intervene if you see somebody out of line....for the common good.

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:13 pm
by Tony Soprano
Forums are what they are.

Off topic:

the SFBA is trying to get the sign committee of the GGNRA to approve kite specific signage closer to the beach. All we have now is a bulletin board under glass by the outdoor shower/Bathrooms.

I have given out over 400 safety flyers this past season.

Not to mention the SFBA president Bill Roberson getting a call from a Coast Guard officer a 9 o'clock on a Saturday night asking WTF is going on.

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:26 pm
by recoprianto
Billy B from kiteforum has done an excellent job of investigating talking to officials etc... here is his recent post from kiteforum and I can say that having been on the beach and allowing those in charge of the local kitesurfing organization handle the issue he is spot on ... 1&start=60

"Ok here goes, I am sure you will not comprehend any of this but I will try any way.

Here is a video of one of the conflicts....judge for your self...

The DNLR official I spoke with stated There are plenty of rules that never need to be enforced or followed. This beach was running just fine on local courtesy this is proven by the fact there was never a issue in till one family made waves. It is that simple, you have blown the facts so far out of proportion it forced a response from me, some one very educated on this issue.

I will remind you of this again, The fish pond was not considered off limits by anyone in till the family "discover" so via digging around the laws, After the DNLR did not respond in a way the family approved of. Family said "heh there are kiters here placing my family in danger"

DNLR says, the kiters worked real hard to make that beach usable there are plenty of other areas to swim no one is trying to hurt your son" Phillip Bolek then has a personal issue with Steve S. and decides this battle must be won.

While the DNLR and the MKC try and work out weather they should or should not use the fish pond the Family goes on the offensive trying to Ban all kiters.

Once kiters understand the Fishj pnd is off limits the push for signs and try and educate the rest of the kiters....

This is not hard to understand. No one knew the rules becuase they were not listed, the rules became known after the issues, then they were followed...Period..

This is not about kiters violating the rules, the rules were not know to be violated.

Then when the rules were researched it was discovered there were tons of rules not being followed..Now the beach and 3000 yards of it may be closed to all but swimmers becuae of a 25 year old law. Pre SUP, pre Kite boarding, etc.."

No one group is going to come in and save the kiters access. This is a major problem for kiters, windsurfers, paddlers, smalls sail boats, SUPers, kayakers...anyone considered a vessel. If all groups don't get involved then you can kiss most of the kiting on Maui goodbye or see it transform into kiting that is so crowded it is no fun anymore.

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:29 pm
by marinkiter
What would be funny if it wasn't so sad was that every time this Kanaha Ban / Aggro Parent thread comes up on any site, whether it be Kiteforum or Ikite, it creates a giant flamewar and turns into kiter on kiter crime. Pretty soon the aggro parent who has been so well indulged (aka Phillip Bolek aka Konamax) finds the thread and douses it with as much gas as he can, then some crazy kite "instructors" from Malibu will start righteously getting involved, and pretty soon we will need forum moderators to step in and ban people and delete threads...

I've been rubbernecking this "Issue" for awhile now. I'm amazed one guy with a vendetta, who apparently isn't even a Maui local but is from Michigan, can cause this much mayhem and division. My personal feeling after reading everything he has written, is that he is a troll with no life who gets off on screwing with our entire sport, but even if there were some merit to his complaint, his motives notwithstanding, wouldn't it behoove us to concentrate on getting the regs changed to support kiting all over kitebeach rather than bitching each other out about what we think happened or did not happen? Anyway, petition signed.

Re: Maui Kitebeach to be banned?, Petition to save

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:40 pm
by recoprianto
Marinkiter, you are spot on.

Either you care about beach access on Maui because you like to come here, have friends that like to come here, have friends that liver here, or generally promote improved access everywhere and anywhere and you sign the petition and follow along at a distance ready to mobilize if requested...


you don't sign the petition and remain ignorantly self-centered.

It takes 30-seconds to sign.