SFBA Update: Bay Area Boardsailing Safety

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SFBA Update: Bay Area Boardsailing Safety

Postby pattonbc » Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:13 pm

Earlier this year, the Coast Guard released a safety bulletin (http://sfba.org/index.php/news-events/114-coast-guard-releases-marine-safety-bulletin) highlighting some safety concerns around kiteboarding and windsurfing given the large number of rescues that have taken place over the past year. SFBA is equally concerned about safety, on the water and on the beach. We all have a stake in making sure that everybody can enjoy these sports in a safe and enjoyable way, so SFBA is exploring ways to raise awareness and voluntary improvements in safety around the bay.

In SFBA's most recent meeting, volunteers discussed ways to proactively get the word out about safety. These are some of the ideas that were discussed. Please note that this was a brainstorming exercise, so not all of these are feasible or even desired. Please comment and give us your feedback!

1. Designate "Site Stewards" at each beach to help monitor and spread the word about site specific safety.
2. Create SFBA "Site Steward" hats or gear to clarify who represents each site
3. Make it part of your standard operating procedure: before you launch somebody's kite, talk to them and make sure they're familiar with the location / beach / wind / tides and are experienced enough to handle the conditions. Consider it your duty to launch only people who seem like they'll make it back safely.
4. Host more site-specific SFBA BBQs to discuss these issues and get kiters involved.
5. Reach out to schools and regulars at other beaches to get involved with SFBA (currently Crissy is the spot most represented)
6. Create signs: "Locals are friendly: ask before you launch"
7. Create folding signs: at Crissy, to designate launch area and to encourage people to inquire about conditions.
8. Create a sign-in/out whiteboard so that we know who to worry about at the end of a day.
9. Create more visual / graphic sign showing the tide & wind risks at Crissy.
10. Develop a more regular SFBA newsletter describing the latest in beach & SFBA related news. (Need volunteers)
11. October Yacht club end of the season party
12. Create video descriptions of each site & safety, to post on youtube and raise awareness (Need Volunteers)
13. Engage kiting schools to spread the word & safety bulletins.
14. Generally encourage safe behavior on the beach and on the water.

SFBA is actively looking for a volunteer to help with newsletter & updates.
SFBA operates 100% volunteers, so please do get involved!
If you're interested, please contact president@sfba.org.
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Re: SFBA Update: Bay Area Boardsailing Safety

Postby buckidge » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:11 pm

I like these ideas. Good work.
If they are still flexible, please considering the following thoughts (which may already be part of it)

#6/7/12 - put a QR code on your sign with a link to a video about the site. So many people have their phones out to check wind, they may just scan a code and watch a video.
#7 - Name/Kite/color to be written on the board?
#9 - Even with knowledge of tide risk, you can't show up and know what the tide is doing and when. (Or am I wront and it is posted somewhere?) It should be easy enough that a caveman can read it.

For example:
[like from http://wolfweb.unr.edu/homepage/edc/tid ... _diff.html]
TC 217 Golden Gate Bridge, 0.5 mi E of 37 49.20 122 28.37 -0:20 -0:01 -0:28 -0:36 0.9 0.7
TC 221 Golden Gate Bridge, 0.8 mi E of 37 49.3 122 27.77 -0:02 +0:03 -0:05 +0:12 0.9 0.7
(Tide tables are cryptic to me. I assume this is the case for others. I have to rely on the Anita Rock current graph on ikitesurf.)

Ebb tide is between 3:15 and 7:15pm today, moving at a maximum 4 knots out towards the Pacific. Kiting is not recommended outside of this time period or else you may not make it back to the launch.
"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are built for"
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Re: SFBA Update: Bay Area Boardsailing Safety

Postby mighty » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:27 am

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Re: SFBA Update: Bay Area Boardsailing Safety

Postby Cali_Rider » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:13 pm

I think these are good ideas too. I kited at Belmont Shore a few weeks ago, and they have 3 or 4 BIG signs showing where to setup/launch, ingress/egress, and basic rules/warnings for the spot. This would be a great idea for the popular spots like 3rd ave, chrissy, alameda, etc.

http://www.sandydan.com/sports/kitesurf ... /index.htm (scroll to the bottom)

http://www.sandydan.com/sports/kitesurf ... d6880c.jpg (large image of sign)

my .02

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Re: SFBA Update: Bay Area Boardsailing Safety

Postby Sonny » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:38 am

There are already two signs at 3rd. One near the lower launch and one next to the upper launch. I only see pedestrians reading it not the new kiters. :(
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