The "Kiteboarders Who Work in High Tech" Thread

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Re: The "Kiteboarders Who Work in High Tech" Thread

Postby sanjose_kiter » Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:38 am

Alexander Pham.
Network engineer, specialize in Cisco Systems gears, unified communication (voice/video, collaboration) specialist.
Currently employed as a consulting engineer.

Tip: when starting out (water-start, upwind stages) get the widest / floatiest board you can find such as a door or a strapped surfboard to help you progress quicker and avoid the walk of shame. After you progress, you can pick a more appropriate board size for you weight and height.

Before progressing into jumping, practice the zigzag maneuver (aka load and pop) - go downwind for 2 secs, then edge hard upwind - then rinse and repeat.
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Re: The "Kiteboarders Who Work in High Tech" Thread

Postby reyrivera » Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:20 pm

Rey Rivera (my kiteboarding username is my anonymous name)
Currently self-employed.
Computer Engineer, graphical user interface, a little bit of digital signal processing, fixed and floating point assembly code writer. intermediate IOS developer, noobie Java developer.

Other Jobs:
Fix an restore old cars: engine overhaul, brakes, suspension. Anything that breaks, if we can find the parts, I can fix it.
Contract kiteboarding instructor, and personal one on one training services offered.
Fixing other people's kites.

Plays the guitar with a really high suck factor. Only seem to record good music when drunk. I think I'm better with mixing/arranging other people's music.

Working on a couple of kiting prototypes. My first strut less kite coming out soon.

Tips for newbies:
If you are having a hard time riding upwind and find yourself going downwind:
1) Make sure to keep your front leg straight (don't lock your knees or you'll get injured), front foot slightly ahead of back foot. Put your weight on your back leg and bend your knees. With your front foot slightly forward than your back foot, you will naturally lie down and forced to edge your board.

2) If your thighs (back leg) are not burning, then you are not going upwind.
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