Board/wetsuit stolen from my car

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Board/wetsuit stolen from my car

Postby kjl » Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:09 pm

Hey, my car got broken into outside my house (Richmond Heights/East Richmond neighborhood of Richmond, CA) last night and it looks like all they took was my board, gross used wetsuit, a towel, and some phone-charging cigarette-adapter accessory things. Weird. I don't think they were specifically targeting me for the sport stuff because all the expensive kites and the pump and other goodies are still in the trunk untouched. Or maybe they wanted wakeboarding equipment, I dunno.

But anyway, if anybody happens to see a classified/craigslist/ikitesurf thing for a black 134 cm Liquid Force Recoil Comp with NSI footstraps, a quicksilver wetsuit that's tearing at the leg cuffs and the right shoulder, and a disgusting blue towel that smells like san francisco bay and wet dog, please beat the seller senseless and give me a call.


BTW, people suck.
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