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Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:20 pm
by friggin old guy
Check this out......Josh Mulcoy getting lectured about wave etiquette by somebody dropping in on him at a spot near Santa Cruz.

I suspect maybe the guy dropping in picked up the wave way outside but got weasel jibed by Mulcoy.......though you sure can't see that in the footage.

I think we've all been weasel jibed a time or two by somebody just upwind that finds themselves in the sweet spot as they're outbound. If that person is a pro and they know they have either a photographer or some filming going on........I think you're going to see them go for it.

I gotta think that Mulcoy knows the ropes about rotation rules inside out. I know I enjoy watching him. So.......if you're out and you see a guy that absolutely shreds peel off and weasel you make a scene or just hope that it's a "special occasion" and back off?

Personally, I usually back off unless it's an egregious repeat offender who thinks they are entitled to every wave regardless of everybody else around.

What's funny is I think I recognize the guy dropping in...... unless it's a case of mistaken identity, although he was nice enough guy to return my bar to me when I left it behind one day, I also think he might have given into temptation and weasel jibed me himself a time or two. That would be.....ironic.

I think mostly folks mind their manners but........temptation.........looms big sometimes. I use a three wave rule in both surfing and kiting in the waves. Burn me once and I'll write it off as a mistake. Burn me twice and I'll know it was intentional. Burn me three times and I'll let you know it's just not right..........

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:43 pm
by zgur
This is a good chance to chime in w/my annual reminder about the "rules of waves".....This is not Sherman/3rd/Alameda/Crissy.....yes, you have a directional, your kite game has improved...and the coast is going and you need to take a deep breath.......

......"this ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no fooling around"

.....As many new folks are venturing into surf, please remember basic wave rules....

the guy deepest on the takeoff - in our coast it means to the left of you, has right of way...on busy days (more than 8 guys riding a take off spot, like @ Scott's) there are more folks in the "rotation" towards the sweet take off spot (they are left hand forward)....

please do not jibe onto a wave that people are following ....if you came in and did not get one, you need to let those coming in lining up take their shot - and get the surf behind them....

And, as you are leaving the beach powered up, and you see a steep wave standing up, please look to your right to make sure that someone is NOT making a high speed bottom turn aimed at the same section....

A few site specific additions:
Waddell - has multiple peaks, same rules still apply

Scott's - a reef brake with two bowls depending on tide....this is a burly wave, and once it gets over head high, please give it the respect it deserves. The wave can hold you down and you will drown: no drama, just the facts. Observe rules closely. Other side of the beach, there is a left and a big beach break much like

waddell...again, respect this spot or mother nature will spank you hard.....

Finally please liberally apply the bro rule: when in doubt, let the other rider have an awesome wave ride and celebrate in their earn karma points, raise the stoke level and fill up the bro cam in your head - this is where my best footage resides.....

....with respect and time you will get more than your share of waves.....

Finally, if you are not clear on what the above simple "rules" mean, hang on the beach and ask anyone to explain. Find me, black RRD kite, sometimes shooting with a big lens before early early session, and I'll gladly explain.

Get sum, Z

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:52 pm
by Aloha
Props to the guys who ride the spot near Santa Cruz on these big freezing cold days - it is hcore S*urf

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:59 pm
by friggin old guy
Z is on point (heh).......for the most part, kiters in the area are not as agro as surfers can be relating to infringements on etiquette.......and that's a good thing. I find most folks generally positive and still maintain that kind of small community outlook towards other kiters. And one of the reasons that folks kiting try to stay out of each other's way is just pure self-preservation.......consequences of messing up in the surf are a bit higher than with regular surfing.

I'm hoping that Mulcoy's ability to stay so casual on his party wave doesn't give other folks it's a good idea. That generally positive vibe can change with more density, and it is getting more crowded out there all the time........

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:06 pm
by Aloha
When the ninja drops in, some people aggro and some people party

That guy is Pro

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:27 pm
by Bulldog
Just seeing this for the first time, but believe me I've been seen it in my head plenty of times since Sunday...

The man behind the camera is judge, jury and executioner, but the reality is that there is no such thing as being short-tacked (aka "weasel tacked") by a pro who has a camera on him.

When I kite at certain spots, I always give up a wave to someone more local than me. In this particular case, it was mea culpa for simply not recognizing a local pro who actually doesn't kite that spot very often -- at least compared to most of the other locals.

On my next wave after this one, when I found myself in exactly the same situation (amazing how that happened!), I did the "bro" thing and dropped off the back of the wave.

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:00 am
by WindMuch
Bulldog wrote: When I kite at certain spots, I always give up a wave to someone more local than me.

Why does it matter where you're from?

If the wave is legitimately yours, why only give up a wave at "certain spots"?

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:38 am
by ozchrisb
WindMuch wrote:If the wave is legitimately yours, why only give up a wave at "certain spots"?

Because it's nice to come back to a car with four inflated tires and not have to deal with the hassle factor that the "locals" give out at "certain" spots.

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:21 pm
by friggin old guy
I grew up in an area that was renowned (maybe infamous is a better word) for surfing localism to "protect" the spots from overcrowding. Always hated it. Even if you never travel to any other spot (but especially if you do), my opinion is you are being a total dickhead if you think being a local entitles you to more than your fair share. Period.

That being said, if you're visiting someplace, you'd better mind your manners. I've always found that while there are definitely some spots where you may have to be over polite to get along, in general if you mind your manners and keep out of people's way, it's all good.

The giving up waves thing is ok to a point, and if somebody is in prime position to pick up a peak upwind of you, it's unreasonable to think they're not going to go for it. Especially if they have a camera on them. If they're a pro with a camera on Paul says....forget about it. is kind of a slippery slope. Once somebody starts to feel entitled to burn other people because they frequent a spot more often than the other guy......really? Or somebody THINKS they're all that, so their self-proclaimed proficiency entitles them to disregard other guys........really?

In essence, burning other folks in a situation like that is a privilege that should be earned and not abused. Respect is always best as a two way street.

Everybody is out there with the same thing in mind, that is, enjoying this tremendous gift we have on our table. As long as people are out there to have a good time, it's all good and really not that hard to get along. Once they start letting some other priority like localism take the upper hand.......not so good.

Localism can quickly pick away at the thin veneer of civilization. Lord of the Flies. Insidious evil. Ok that's a little over the top........but although I'm still after years just "so-so" at kiting waves, I also feel a responsibility to call somebody on it if they're abusing their privilege in order to prevent localism from getting out of hand.

Fortunately at least up until now it seems that there are a lot fewer sociopaths among the kiting community than there are in the surfing community, and talking it over with somebody usually ends up in beers rather than harsh language and escalation.

As it should be.

Re: Wave etiquette?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:30 pm
by behindThePeak
i don't see how being a pro or having a camera pointed at someone exempts them from waiting in line for surf like the rest of us.